My Happy New Year greeting is a little late, I know.  Stuff seems to always get in the way and before I realize it another month has passed.  I have been busy though, trying very hard to keep my resolutions and am proud of what has been achieved so far.  Decluttering with minimalizing my possessions and consistent exercising tops the list…which is probably why blogging […]

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So why am I still baking in a stove top oven when I have a perfectly good land galley oven to use you might ask?  I don’t honestly know, except that it’s so darned easy.  It doesn’t take any longer than a conventional oven.  Clean up is about the same amount of effort and I love the economy of not heating an entire appliance for […]

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What goes better with holiday festivities than a pretty cocktail.  Changing out the usual orange juice with cranberry juice adds that little extra something for your next brunch gathering. Adding a rim of lime tinged sugar, a few fresh cranberries and some sprigs of fresh rosemary makes such an attractive presentation. To your health! Happy New Year Galley Peeps.  May 2017 bring nothing but good […]

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I suppose for most of you the holiday party season is in full swing. In my land galley, we have been busy planning and preparing to receive Captain’s family en masse. Our current count 35. It has been really hard for me to break away from tiny galley, tiny living habits, even though for the next few months I have actual counter top space, a […]

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What to serve with a Moroccan inspired Thanksgiving meal? am thinking couscous… and cranberries… It’s Thanksgiving after all and I am a bit of a traditionalist… CRANBERRY COUSCOUS 1 cup orange juice 1 cup dried cranberries 1 tbsp olive oil 8 garlic cloves, sliced 2/3 cups chopped onion 2/3 chopped red pepper 2 tsp curry 1 cup water 1 tsp sea salt 1 – 10 […]

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I get than having canned thing onboard make a whole lot of sense but sometimes it rewarding to prepare from scratch. This recipe for cranberry sauce is so easy, needs just 3 ingredients, and can be made in a matter of minutes. I use it not only for traditional poultry dishes but also as a topping on plain yogurt and my favourite as a tangy […]

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    Pomegranate Ginger Fizz   adapted from Will Cook for Friends           Sparkling Cranberry Quencher   adapted from Sandra Lee at the Food Network       Galley Kat Note For this occasion I made just one of each to see which of the two my Captain preferred     He preferred this the Cranberry Sparkler… …refreshing and less sweet… […]

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  Sometimes we like to have a simple sandwich and soup for supper, and because we are also cutting back on animal protein, I have been compiling quite a good collection of vegetarian recipes. The following was what I prepared for our ‘meatless Monday’ meal this week…     Cranberry Walnut Chickpea Salad Sandwich 1 cans (15oz) garbanzo beans (chickpeas) drained and rinsed 1/2 celery […]

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Now for something seasonal… I’m thinking apples…cranberries… I don’t eat desserts often… I try as best I can to avoid a lot of sugar in my diet… But it is nice sometimes to have a taste of something sweet after dinner Or as an afternoon snack. In my little galley of one burner, one sink and about six inches of counter space (divided into 2 […]

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