With rising prices and uncertain fresh food supply, I’ve been turning to simple meals, with easy to keep on hand ingredients.  Sweet potatoes are the  perfect example.  Long shelf life.  Very nutritious.  And usually inexpensive. This easy recipe using frozen cheese tortellini pasta with a few handfuls of fresh spinach offers a delicious supper with a rather pretty presentaion.  Making it even simple as far […]

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Rice! Such a simple grain. But oh my, when it’s transformed into a creamy rich main attraction such a risotto that’s when it really shines. MEDITERRANEAN RISOTTO what you will need 1 cup rice 1/2 cup chopped onion 2 cloves garlic 2-3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 cup chopped mushrooms 2 cups chopped kale 4-6 tbsp chopped sun-dried tomatoes 4 cups chicken […]

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Risotto is one of my all time favourite dishes for so many reasons. It’s the ultimate comfort food…easy, creamy and flavourful. The base ingredients keep so well in our tiny galley…rice, garlic, onion, chicken broth and parm. Easy to throw together…gather the ingredients and 20 minutes later…pure Italian heaven! With a few additions the basic recipe can be transformed into a multitude of options. This next […]

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Yup! we are still on the boat. Lots of work remains to be done before haulout and we are remaining onboard until the bitter frigid end. I have removed most of the functional items from the galley: dishes, most seasonings, cutlery and other cooking utensils. What remains are the bare essentials: my favourite cooking pot, my travelling bento boxes and a few odds and ends. […]

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One of Captain François’ all time favourite soups is Italian Wedding Soup. My version may not be traditional but I love making it because it is so easy to throw together when I don’t feel like cooking… It’s basically the soup base (chicken broth), bits of Italian sausage, some small pasta (acini de pepe or orzo), spinach or other greens, dressed with some Parm. Easy. […]

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As far as fresh produce this has to be my favourite time of year. so many fruits and vegetables are in season and available locally. The gifts of tomatoes from our neighbour’s community garden keep flowing in with gift bags of them left on our doorstep. My little basil plant continues to thrive onboard Lately we were given several ears of local corn. And I […]

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Because of where we live, April has yet to be a time when we are on the water. But someday within the next few years there will be an occasion to enjoy some Easter treats onboard. Last year I compromised with my own galley version of something a bit simpler… …and a little green eggs and ham brunch …and then with all the delicious looking […]

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CACIO e PEPE (cheese and pepper) PASTA

Another snowy day with nothing much in your pantry? Got pasta? Got butter? Got Parmesan? some dried chilis? salt & pepper? Well you’ve got dinner! CACIO e PEPE Spaghetti or Fettucini (enough for 2 servings) 1 generous tsp freshly cracked pepper (extra to garnish) 1 tsp dried chilis 3-4 tbsp butter 3/4 cup grated Parmesan (+ 1 cup more if making ‘Frico’, see below) Cook […]

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When you are craving something easy, using up pantry stock… wanting something healthy… and super tasty… …dinner can’t get much easier than this… …sauté your veggies… …add the tomato party… …a bit of grated cheese and some fresh basil flash fried… …perfect Yum for a cold winter night… SIMPLE PASTA PRIMAVERA 1 small onion, chopped 3 garlic cloves, minced 3 carrots, chopped 1 zucchini, chopped […]

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This may seems a bid odd but I had a dozen Brussels sprouts, and about 6 large mushrooms and not a whole lot else in our land galley and we were leaving for a week on our little adventure. Plus with all the excitement of preparing and packing last week I had neither the interest nor energy to put a lot of thought and effort […]

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