Rainy day in the camper so the perfect time for indoor games.  I’ve been wanting to try out this recipe for vegan sausages…a bit more effort and time than I would usually take….so why not today?  And I’m doing it off-grid-ish. The original recipe requires a food processor so am using my little hand powered processor.  Takes up so little space.  Not a lot of […]

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Since we have embarked on our meatless/vegan-ish journey and since putting my request out there for my readers to send in their favourite recipes to challenge me in my little galley, I have received almost exclusively vegan recipes.  It would seem that a good number of you are pursuing life with the same mind set as we are…that is…reducing animal protein, eating less meat, while […]

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There was something about this recipe that had my husband saying..’this is THE ONE’…and I’m not sure why. It’s not the vegan thing because my Frenchman is…well…French.. and loves anything bread-related no matter the ingredients.  I think it was the texture…smooth with a little chew and there is a new technique I’ve learned to make the pita separate in the centre, perfect for filling with […]

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CELERIAC – my new favourite vegetable

A while ago now during a family gathering, we were treated to a wonderful buffet.  One dish immediately caught my attention.  A tangy, creamy side dish with a light crunch and  subtle hint of Dijon. It was love at first bite.  What is this, I asked?  The response… rémoulade de céleri-rave…from a local catering service.  English translation…celery root salad. Once we returned home I immediately […]

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I’m the cuckoo bird of the recipe development world.  My recipes are for the most part those of what others have created and adapted to fit in with our simple spartan boat galley world.  I will always give credit to the originator when possible though. Every once in a blue moon however I do hit one out of the park all by myself.  This is […]

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No gluten! No dairy! No sugar! No cooking! No kidding! I’m not one to seek out specifically gluten/or dairy/ or sugar-free recipes but this one caught my attention.  I love anything lemon. It makes  a just enough. Perfect for my little spring form pan and tiny refrigerator. Perfect to serve for a small dinner gathering and perfect for the two of us for several days. […]

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MINI (VEGAN) PUMPKIN PIES (no baking required)

Want a touch of something sweet for your next dessert? Here’s a good one for you.. No baking required, so easy to make and vegan, these little pumpkin pies were really delicious. I simply ground up some almonds, coconut shreds, added a little coconut oil and maple syrup… Pressed the mixture into my mini cheese cake pan. (a regular muffin tin would work well with […]

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Happy hour aboard R.E.D. today was pretty tasty. VEGAN RICOTTA SPREAD 1 recipe vegan ricotta (find it here) 2-3 tbsp minced sun-dried tomatoes 1tbsp basil oil sea salt freshly ground pepper to taste 1 clove garlic, smashed & minced 2-3 tbsp slivered basil leaves Mix all of the above ingredients together Serve drizzled with extra olive oil & slivered fresh basil leaves and crusty bread. […]

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Let’s make things perfectly clear, I am not (at least for the foreseeable future) not vegan. Captain and I love meat, eggs, oh and the cheese!, fish, seafood…. …most things edible with a face and a mother. …sadly the list of what we love to eat is endless, and what we don’t like? ..nothing comes to mind But… whenever I encounter a great recipe that […]

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Well!… I have to admit that when I provisioned this year I really really really overdid it. Always one to have a contingency plan I loaded up our little boat with a good deal of contingencies.. packaged this, canned that, long term dried stuff, two or three of this or that… you name it, I had it. Now that we have to face unloading and […]

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