HALIFAX DONAIR PLATTER (new recipe included)

I’m still on my comfort food kick here in my little land galley by the sea.  Did you check out my previous post with a composite of fave casseroles (CASSEROLES for COMFORT)? It’s a pleasure for me, as the creator and keeper of a blog, however small, to have perfect strangers visit from time to time and even more of a treat to have to […]

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A long time ago I ran across an article entitled ‘44 Classic French Meals You Need to Try Before You Die’ so I jumped right in to tackle the list, modifying each one for easier boat galley cooking. Please feel free to scroll through what I was able to accomplish aboard our little 26 foot sailboat with a one-burner alcohol burning stove, a hand pump […]

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MAC ‘n CHEESE (pressure cooker version)

Hi there my galley friends.  Do I ever have an easy one for you to try today.  Well yes, mac and cheese if already a simple and go to standard  but what if I told you it could be ready in as little as ten minutes and at least half of that time is hands off cooking.  That’s right, three minutes in the pressure cooker […]

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My this month went quickly didn’t it?  And here we are again into fall and the beautiful weather that comes with it…and October.  October!  I barely can remember what happened in September, the days just flew by. I can see by the most viewed recipes that you too are getting into the cooler weather frame of mind with spicey sauces, apple dishes, belly warming chicken […]

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I have a real mixed bag of most searched for recipes for you this month.  Simply click on the caption below each image to access the recipe.   Top pick and one of our own favourites too, Greek Lamb Stew. Greek Lamb Stew   This Peach Bread Pudding came in at a close second and very timely with fresh local peaches hitting the garden stands […]

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I’m the cuckoo bird of the recipe development world.  My recipes are for the most part those of what others have created and adapted to fit in with our simple spartan boat galley world.  I will always give credit to the originator when possible though. Every once in a blue moon however I do hit one out of the park all by myself.  This is […]

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I have a super easy and quick two for one recipe post for you today, my Galley Peeps.  In truth it’s actually three because I added my recipe for gravy mix which comes in handy if you don’t have real chicken stock on hand.  Now that we are off-season country dwellers, I have become very conscious of supporting local enterprises.  My latest find is ordering […]

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 Having one of those days.  Don’t want to cook.  Don’t know what to cook even though I have a well planned database to choose from and a pantry and refrigerator fully stocked.  I just DON’T FEEL LIKE COOKING!!!  Let’s see what miracle I can pull from the cupboard.  Always conscious of a balanced meal…protein, vegetables and some carbohydrates…I find a can of salmon…I find a […]

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EASY SHRIMP PAELLA (pressure cooker version)

I hope you don’t feel inundated with my latest flurry of blog posts.  I’ve not been inspired to write much lately…that is until this week.  So many recipe successes have given me the push I needed during this winter down time.  While Francois uses his latest purchase to evacuate a blocked gutter, a fibreglass ladder (note the very cool orange colour) and shovels our first […]

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WILD RICE and MUSHROOM SOUP (pressure cooker version)

Isn’t this the time of year for soups?  Belly warming, rich, flavourful soups.  And to be honest, when it comes to galley prep, I’m lazy.  That’s what’s so appealing about living with restrictions…both in what’s available and environment.  No one expects fancy pants elaborate meals when all you have to work with is a boat cooler and a one-burner alcohol-sometimes-with-electricity-fueled stove.  Some of the best […]

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