Hello all of you Galley friends out there.  I hope this finds you well and ready for another Galley treat.  Today I’m making bread…lovely little rounds of bread, made with gluten free oat flour which I made myself by taking some old fashioned oats for a spin in my blender. A while ago I created a Friends Faves category which prompted a submission from a […]

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Recently one of my Galley Peeps emailed me to say she came across my BISQUICK CLONE mix and sent me this really REALLY easy biscuit recipe, making easy that much easier. It’s perfect for boat or RV/camper folks because all you need is some biscuit mix, a little melted butter and a can of creamed corn….things you would normally have on hand. That’s it! And my […]

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CORN MUFFIN MIX – an update

Hi there folks.  I realize that I’ve been a wee bit absent lately.  I get that way sometimes, feeling my inspiration lacking but every time I start thinking about spring and what form it might take – specifically, picking up our little land trawler, RED II camper extrordinaire – I get motivated. Planning is my thing and at the moment I’m making lists of what […]

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This is the recipe that started me off on a new tack when a friend found out I had a cooking blog and that I focused on easy to make, minimal boat-friendly dishes….and that onboard we are without a conventional oven.  She gave me this recipe of hers to try out to see if it would be appropriate to cook in my Omnia stove top […]

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I’m having a pile of fun in my land galley this week.  I can’t go anywhere anyway for obvious reasons because our province is still in it’s very early stages of loosening restrictions from the dreaded virus.  Hiking trails are open, as are parks.  We’re lucky to have a yard to be able enjoy fresh air and movement and it’s spring so there’s no shortage […]

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How many of you have been feeling challenged lately?  You know what I mean? Limitations due to this global covid-19 pandemic. Restrictions placed on social contact. Restrictions placed on shopping. And when you do carefully venture to find even basics, certain items are either in short supply or plainly non-existant. I’m actually finding the challenges moderately exciting.  What can I do to limit possible exposure? […]

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A friend sent me this recipe and honestly, I can’t get enough of them, and I can’t for the life of me imagine why I would ever buy bagels again. Far too easy…and by that I mean really easy.  I clocked myself from ingredient mixing to snapping photos. Thirty minutes folks. THIRTY! And that included twenty minute oven time. My only complaint is that the recipe […]

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MUFFULETTA – sandwich of the Cajun Gods

Happy belated Mardi Gras to you my Galley Peeps.  I hadn’t planned on writing this one up for you guys because, well, it’s just a sandwich. The plan was for one more ‘bomb’ recipe (my last two JOAN’S TACO BOMBS and BREAKFAST BOMBS in case you missed them) but someone asked for the bread part of this recipe so I thought, why not?  It really was a […]

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I love it when friends share their yummy recipes and this one is certainly going on my regular rotation.  Super easy to make with lots of healthy ingredients.  We have guests coming soon so this will be the perfect dish to stash away in the freezer for an impromptu meal along with my go-to biscuit recipe after a day of site seeing (recipe for biscuits […]

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What, you ask? Are they biscuits or are they rolls or are they muffins?  Well in truth they have a bit of an identity crisis.  They have a texture similar to dinner rolls but they have no yeast in them….and they are made in a muffin tin.  So I named them Biscuit Muffin Rolls. One bowl, one spoon, eight little muffin cups makes for a […]

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