Greetings to you my Galley friends.  I was craving something other than a bowl of cereal for breakfast but didn’t want to heat up my land galley.  Out came my trusty Omnia stove top oven.  A bowl of traditional pancake batter came together easily and I had the remains of fresh blueberries my daughter and her two monkeys brought me from a berry picking adventure […]

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Hi there Galley Folks.  I’ve been pantry diving again, searching for easy to make meals with things typically on hand. The likes of canned salmon, tuna or crab.  The likes of frozen puff pastry.  Add to this an egg, some cheese and chopped veggies and you have a delicious little meal of hand pies. Once I thawed the pastry, I cut it into squares.  And […]

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Good day to you my Galley friends.  Back from a lovely week away I am excited to share this great camping recipe with you.  We enjoyed these little sliders for one meal and they are super easy to make and very tasty.  At home base I used our conventional oven At the camp site they were equally as easy.  I used my Omnia stove top […]

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Good day to all you Galley friends, this week, directly from our camper.  We are enjoying a few days away from our little home by the sea at a camp ground…also by the sea. I brought with me the ingredients for making some of my protein packed bites…this time made with canned tuna.  They are super easy to throw together. Make a great little road […]

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Good day to you my Galley friends.  For your reading/culinary/camping/RVing/boating pleasure, I have a very easy dinner idea for you. These are a complete meal in one shot. Quick to throw together and the big bonus is so little clean up. Some foil. Tasty meatballs. Veggies and some seasoning. That’s it. Cooking time enough to make sure your meat is cooked through (160 deg), vegetables […]

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Hello there my Galley Folks.  Glad you stopped by today because I have a tasty little casserole for you to try.  I made it as a side dish for Easter dinner and F loved it so much I had to make it again…and again…and again. There’s something about the buttery crunchy topping and the custardy sweetness of the corn in each bite that makes it […]

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Good day to you Galley folks.  You can thank my daughter and her current housing ‘condition’ for today’s recipe.  They have recently purchased a home that needs renovating and instead of continuing to live in their tiny apartment with two active monkeys they decided to move into their basement while contractors make the home liveable.  They created an ingenious set-up in the room that will […]

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Hi there my Galley friends.  Good to have you drop by today.  I have for you a tasty little number, perfect for breakfast, brunch or easy supper.  And you can make it a day ahead, all ready to pop in the oven. It’s in the style of bread pudding with a base of bread, milk and eggs but definitely on the savoury side….with all the […]

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Hello there Galley friends or should I say top of the mornin’ to you? I gave my guy a choice of what he would like for this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day treat.  A traditional cooked breakfast with some tasty Irish potato cakes or Irish bread pudding.  Silly me!  Of course he chose the dessert.  Lucky him!  Lucky you! I made a few changes to SIMPLE PEACH […]

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MUJENDRA (Cypriot rice and lentils)

This week I’m in plant-based heaven again.  I was enjoying a weekend morning cocooning in bed doing catch-up on some reading while having the TV on for some background noise and what do I hear?…’leftovers’?  Got my attention it did. The recipe had a name very similar to something I made for you a while ago…MUJADDARA which is what it’s called in Middle Eastern culinary circles. […]

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