Hello there my Galley Folks.  Glad you stopped by today because I have a tasty little casserole for you to try.  I made it as a side dish for Easter dinner and F loved it so much I had to make it again…and again…and again. There’s something about the buttery crunchy topping and the custardy sweetness of the corn in each bite that makes it […]

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Hi there my Galley friends.  Good to have you drop by today.  I have for you a tasty little number, perfect for breakfast, brunch or easy supper.  And you can make it a day ahead, all ready to pop in the oven. It’s in the style of bread pudding with a base of bread, milk and eggs but definitely on the savoury side….with all the […]

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You know by now how much I love leftovers.  On the boat it was something I planned for when creating meals.  We got into the habit of eating the leftovers for breakfast the next day…perfect start because our evening meal was typically the heaviest so those extra calories served us well for the sailing day ahead. Now that we are land-based for the winter months […]

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Half a cabbage was resting in my refrigerator begging to be used.  What to make? Sub-zero temperatures and yet another storm in our midst and comforting cabbage casserole was born. I added some celery and carrot to the mix for extra nutrition, some creamed soup and Greek yogurt thrown in and supper was ready.  Use whatever creamed soup you wish.  Cream of celery is especially […]

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Casseroles are the ultimate in comfort food, especially during cold wintery semi-isolated times.  I’ve taken a wee break from recipe development the past few weeks to do some much needed self-care.  Qigong exercises, meditation are top of my daily routine and the other day I signed up for a session of online ballet lessons (an old lady version of course). While I work on getting […]

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Hi there Galley folks.  As we head into the colder days, I’ve been taking stock of some basics in my little land kitchen.  I’m not a big fan of frequent shopping trips especially looking ahead to some nasty wintery days when I would much rather be curling up with a good book or binge watching some seasonal faves. Today’s recipe is one of those great […]

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SONJA’S KALPUDDING (Swedish Meatloaf)

Thanks to Sonja, one of my Galley friends, I have this delicious submission for Kalpudding, a Swedish meatloaf dish which I am very happy to say, uses 1/3 of my Smothered Cabbage.  I do hope you prepared yourself for today’s recipe.  If not, get yourself a cabbage and start braising. This was the perfect recipe for using my amazing Omnia stove top oven…also of Swedish […]

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A long time ago I ran across an article entitled ‘44 Classic French Meals You Need to Try Before You Die’ so I jumped right in to tackle the list, modifying each one for easier boat galley cooking. Please feel free to scroll through what I was able to accomplish aboard our little 26 foot sailboat with a one-burner alcohol burning stove, a hand pump […]

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Comfort food in a jar is what F calls this. It was a rather chilly rainy time in the camper.  We had to fire up the heater to take all the humidity from the air it was so damp.  The day was spent mostly indoors….that day I made my Soldier Cookies, remember? Well, I had a little two-cup jar of Hamburger Helper mix that I […]

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MAC ‘n CHEESE (pressure cooker version)

Hi there my galley friends.  Do I ever have an easy one for you to try today.  Well yes, mac and cheese if already a simple and go to standard  but what if I told you it could be ready in as little as ten minutes and at least half of that time is hands off cooking.  That’s right, three minutes in the pressure cooker […]

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