You know by now how much I love leftovers.  On the boat it was something I planned for when creating meals.  We got into the habit of eating the leftovers for breakfast the next day…perfect start because our evening meal was typically the heaviest so those extra calories served us well for the sailing day ahead. Now that we are land-based for the winter months […]

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MAC ‘n CHEESE (pressure cooker version)

Hi there my galley friends.  Do I ever have an easy one for you to try today.  Well yes, mac and cheese if already a simple and go to standard  but what if I told you it could be ready in as little as ten minutes and at least half of that time is hands off cooking.  That’s right, three minutes in the pressure cooker […]

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I love kugel, especially the savoury kind.  Well, in truth I love anything with pasta and cheese.  It’s the ultimate comfort food especially welcomed now that we are heading into some chilly days.  I call it my hibernation food. This next recipe was made to be a complete meal with spinach and mushrooms and lots of dairy for protein.  I baked it no-oven-galley-style in my […]

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This recipe is one of those zero-stress-company’s-coming kind of dinners.  We have our condo up for sale and in the midst of making sure everything was clean and neat we also were expecting dinner guests, and on top of that we had scheduled three showings back to back just before guests were to arrive.  So I can confirm first hand that this meal was indeed […]

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This next recipe was created for a recent recipe competition and I must say I was very pleased with the results.  It’s not fancy but it would definitely make the perfect addition to a holiday buffet.  It’s economical to make, healthy and super easy.  For you land-based Galley Peeps, break out your bundt pan, throw this together and serve with your fave marinara sauce but […]

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Quick and dirty is the name for tonight’s supper.  Where we are it’s chilly and we’re tired and hungry sailors. I used quick cooking noodles, some tomatoes and velveeta cheese to made a creamy sauce, added some leftover grilled chicken and cooked it on the stove top. Comfort food at its best! EASY CHEESY NOODLE CASSEROLE   Print Author: Galley Kat Ingredients 2 cups cooked […]

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Last can of tomatoes… Last onion… My little alcohol stove filled with the last of the fuel… And this Galley Kat has run out of creative ideas… …almost…   I made a batch of my Two Ingredient Tomato Sauce for a simple pasta supper tonight… …but being ever conscious of time and stove fuel economy, I doubled the amount of pasta we needed. This gave […]

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  It’s a blustery day in the neighbourhood of the ‘dirt people’… Horizontal snow & white-out conditions…   Good day for indoor ‘games’ and a warming pasta breakfast. Yep! that’s right…pasta…   PASTA FRITTATA   2 cups kale greens 1/4 cup shredded carrots 2 + cups leftover spaghetti with sauce (link to last night’s yummy pasta dinner) 6 eggs 1/2 cup of milk 4 oz […]

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