CORN MUFFIN MIX – an update

Hi there folks.  I realize that I’ve been a wee bit absent lately.  I get that way sometimes, feeling my inspiration lacking but every time I start thinking about spring and what form it might take – specifically, picking up our little land trawler, RED II camper extrordinaire – I get motivated. Planning is my thing and at the moment I’m making lists of what […]

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Continuing on with simplifying my life in the kitchen/galley, I have a super fun recipe for you this week. Those who have been following along for a while, know how much I dislike commercial preparations, preferring instead to make my own whenever possible and practical. Growing up in a small farming community with a father who always preached ‘the closer to nature, the better’ and […]

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Finding ways to improve conveniences in our tiny galley is always welcomed and this next recipe is simply brilliant in its simplicity.  We love grilled cheese.  We enjoy them often.  They are easy to throw together, tasty, satisfying and depending what you serve with them or add to them, a complete meal.  So what if I tell you that you can make grilled cheese even […]

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Hey there Galley Peeps. Today’s post is all about economy, tiny living, with a little off grid thrown into the mix. I came across a super idea for inexpensive candles using things you likely already have on hand. A candle on a boat, any open flame really, is something that has to have constant attention. Small spaces and perpetual motion mean taking extra care, but […]

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This recipe for Universal Muffin Mix has been in my database for years. I can’t remember the original source but it seems to be the same one I see floating around various recipe sites.     Mixes are great to have on hand but when ever I can, I prefer creating my own (no nasty additives) As with my Bisquick clone recipe… and taco seasoning […]

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