With rising prices and uncertain fresh food supply, I’ve been turning to simple meals, with easy to keep on hand ingredients.  Sweet potatoes are the  perfect example.  Long shelf life.  Very nutritious.  And usually inexpensive. This easy recipe using frozen cheese tortellini pasta with a few handfuls of fresh spinach offers a delicious supper with a rather pretty presentaion.  Making it even simple as far […]

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MUJENDRA (Cypriot rice and lentils)

This week I’m in plant-based heaven again.  I was enjoying a weekend morning cocooning in bed doing catch-up on some reading while having the TV on for some background noise and what do I hear?…’leftovers’?  Got my attention it did. The recipe had a name very similar to something I made for you a while ago…MUJADDARA which is what it’s called in Middle Eastern culinary circles. […]

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HALIFAX DONAIR PLATTER (new recipe included)

I’m still on my comfort food kick here in my little land galley by the sea.  Did you check out my previous post with a composite of fave casseroles (CASSEROLES for COMFORT)? It’s a pleasure for me, as the creator and keeper of a blog, however small, to have perfect strangers visit from time to time and even more of a treat to have to […]

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Good day to you all my Galley Friends.  I hope you are all well and ready for another treat from my little kitchen.  I must admit, that I really have been missing our dear sail boat, and when meal time rolls around I especially miss my very compact but efficient galley. Cooking minimally has become so engrained, that even with more conventional appliances, I still […]

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Several years ago I made my first batch of donair meat at home….wonderfully spiced little loaves baked in the oven, thinly sliced, topped with tomatoes and onion, wrapped in  warm pita bread then generously drizzled with sauce. Super messy to eat but oh, those flavours!  If you want to know a bit more about donairs or perhaps haven’t even heard of them, take a wee […]

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I’m keeping it low carb and super easy again for tonight’s supper.  Low carb because we’re trying to lose some winter hibernation weight.   And easy because this is our first-of-the-season-dining-outdoors-meal and we’ve been trying to get on top of the gardening before being back on the water for the season. Sautéing the shrimp first in garlic imparts the best flavours to the overall dish. […]

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