IRISH ROUND-UP + bonus recipe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Happy March to you all, Galley Peeps.  For most of us in the northern parts of the world it’s a month we all look forward to, regardless if we’ve had our last snow fall or not.  We know that gradually those dark winter days will turn into days that are longer and longer, warmer and warmer. Several birthdays to celebrate […]

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I have a real mixed bag of most searched for recipes for you this month.  Simply click on the caption below each image to access the recipe.   Top pick and one of our own favourites too, Greek Lamb Stew. Greek Lamb Stew   This Peach Bread Pudding came in at a close second and very timely with fresh local peaches hitting the garden stands […]

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So, I tried something new yesterday.  Since the weather has been so hot and very dry I’ve been craving lemonade.  Fresh homemade lemonade.  And then my brother-in-law who  recently retired and with his wife, have become homesteaders creating a bee and lavender farm, talked about all the wonderful uses for lavender. We inherited a wonderfully diverse perennial garden from the previous owner of our little […]

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How could a pot of this… Become this most heavenly nectar of the summer-time-grillin’-gods?… Well let me tell you a story… It all began with my over the top excitement about discovering we had moved into this paradise by the sea with an existing crop of rhubarb.  I watched these little crowns…. …evolve into full blown stalks of nature’s goodness.  Too much over the top? […]

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It’s surprising to me sometimes what you folks are looking for when you search for Galley Kat recipes.  Sometimes if runs the line of special holidays as it did last month. Lots and lots of Irish/Saint Patrick’s Day hits.  And I shouldn’t be surprised at the delicious Easter Trifle because, well, it was Easter and it is a truly easy dessert. But why Batsaria received […]

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What goes better with holiday festivities than a pretty cocktail.  Changing out the usual orange juice with cranberry juice adds that little extra something for your next brunch gathering. Adding a rim of lime tinged sugar, a few fresh cranberries and some sprigs of fresh rosemary makes such an attractive presentation. To your health! Happy New Year Galley Peeps.  May 2017 bring nothing but good […]

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the kitchen, Galley Kat used the vodka but only a smidgen. OK so I may not be hired to write for greeting cards. We’ve reached the cocooning phase of the holidays when candles are lit and the oven is fired up to the max to cook a tasty pizza. We made this terra cotta heater a couple […]

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It’s been difficult for us as retired folk to keep track of the passing days. When I ask Francois what day it is, he usually responds with the month or the season.  The only reason we keep track if it’s a weekend or not is to avoid having to face overpopulated markets and shopping centres and frustrating traffic jams.  But I do miss our after […]

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” A lemon a day…and rum…keeps the scurvy at bay” This is a day to be aware of scurvy, the disease that afflicted many a sailor  on long voyages pre-18th century because of poor diet and Vitamin C deficiencies. So this 2nd day of May 2016, we, the good respectful sailors that we are, remember those poor souls  by adding a dose of lemon to […]

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I’ve been a very very bad Kat!  Having an addictive personallity means there are some things I just don’t keep on hand. Sea Salt and Black Pepper Chips for one.  Another, which I refuse to buy any more is Irish Cream Liqueur.  I won’t mention any particular brand.  They are all the same and all evil.  Just thinking about them makes my belly ache…they are […]

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