As promised, here’s my recipe for delicious Chickpea Stew and Cornbread Dumplings.  For this quantity you can half my Corn Meal Muffin recipe which should give you room for eight or nine dumplings.  The results are very much like chicken pot pie without the chicken. Another time I did add some cooked chicken leftover from Christmas that I had stashed away in the freezer but […]

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The discussion we have every year around Christmas time is ‘to stuff’ or ‘not stuff’….the turkey…not our bellies.  Stuffing the bird means a wonderfully flavourful result with all those juices infused into the bread crumbs but cooking is longer to make sure you don’t kill your guests  and in my opinion, it tends to over-cook the turkey. So this year the decision has been made […]

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EASY SLOW COOKER MAC ‘n CHEESE (a guest in my galley)

Now that we’ve moved back to Nova Scotia my son Luke gets to visit us more often.  And he’s such a great helper, always asking  what he can do to assist.  One weekend he spent the time putting together some shelves so I could organize our wee place a bit better. Another time he spent the afternoon with Francois clearing the brush around Duck Pond, […]

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SLOW COOKER PIZZA – an experiment

Here’s an interesting way to get your pizza fix.  Use your slow cooker.  I made up a batch of my one and only pizza dough (recipe here) and laid it out nicely in the bottom of the slow cooker pot. Next, came the toppings.  I kept this one simple with spicy sausage, caramelized onion and lots of cheese. Then I put the lid on loosely […]

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This was one of those ‘show stopper’ dinners.  Not at all a gourmet-ish type of meal, made with lowly ground beef and a simple gravy, yet somehow when we sat down to dine and took that first bite….wow!  The flavour of the gravy was amazing, the beef patties were surprisingly tender and that I had walked away four hours earlier to do other things made […]

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Even though we are now land-based for the next several months, I still try my best to keep our meals simple to make and economical.  This past boating season I found my combo pressure/steamer/slowcooker to be invaluable.  It does mean that we have to be plugged into shore power or use the generator but the meals that it can produce make onboard life so much […]

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SAILOR BEANS (Slow Cooker Method)

A version of Hobo or Cowboy Beans, this hearty slow cooked dish was a welcomed meal with near freezing temperatures still hanging onto the last days of May.  Make enough so you have leftovers to serve up with your morning coffee.  Just a few basics to start …then the rest thrown into the mix. …two hours slow-cooked to juicy sweet perfection. SAILOR BEANS what you […]

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