Hi there my Galley friends.  Good to have you drop by today.  I have for you a tasty little number, perfect for breakfast, brunch or easy supper.  And you can make it a day ahead, all ready to pop in the oven. It’s in the style of bread pudding with a base of bread, milk and eggs but definitely on the savoury side….with all the […]

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Today’s post is brought to you by the letter ‘P’. A post about protein packed pumpkin pancakes. Maple syrup and a smear of butter is our usual topping with breakfast pancakes but why not try to dress up your morning fair with some special sauce… FRIED BANANAS with HONEY RUM SAUCE LEMON SAUCE Sauces are great to drizzle over your feed of pancakes but so […]

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Top of the mornin’ to you my Galley Peeps! Tomorrow is  Pancake Day and I’ve put together some of my Galley faves for you. I remember Pancake Day or as some call it Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, being one of my favourite Mommy-meal days…pancakes and sausage…pancakes and bacon…all smeared with butter and smothered in maple syrup. Sometimes, I would accompany my Dad on […]

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You’ve caught me bomb making in my galley again and today is all about starting your day with a big bang.  Those Taco Bombs from last week’s post were good weren’t they?  Didn’t try them yet?  Well scoot on over there for JOAN’S TACO BOMBS,then come right back to check out these lovely little breakfast treats. I made the same yogurt/flour dough from Joan’s Taco […]

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Did you think I had fallen down a rabbit hole?  Well I sort of did.  We’re in the middle of renovating the main bathroom in our little home by the sea.  It’s not very big, this bathroom, but when we take stock of what’s being done, it’s not too unlike building a small home.  Tiling, electrical, plumbing, some drywall, painting, wall papering, all new fixtures […]

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When I first made this recipe, we were on the boat and I kind of just dumped everything into the pan, plunked the cheese on top and cooked it in my Omnia stove top oven.  It was delicious but not terribly pretty.  Notice how I tried to dress it up with a little basil? It did the trick as far as a healthy, easy and […]

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I’ve been trying out some recipes for an upcoming guest visit and wanted to prepare something yummy for breakfast or brunch.  And foremost, something easy.  I don’t want to be spending my time with them cooking all day.  I like make ahead dishes but we don’t have a whole lot of room to stash pre-made meals. This recipe fits perfectly.  I can make it fresh […]

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It’s surprising to me sometimes what you folks are looking for when you search for Galley Kat recipes.  Sometimes if runs the line of special holidays as it did last month. Lots and lots of Irish/Saint Patrick’s Day hits.  And I shouldn’t be surprised at the delicious Easter Trifle because, well, it was Easter and it is a truly easy dessert. But why Batsaria received […]

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I’ve been trying to become better organized in the galley these days.  It’s far too easy for me to get side tracked by yet another tasty something or other to try out.  It’s why for a brief time I subscribed to home delivery meals…all nicely packaged with just enough for the two of us…no leftovers…so extra bits and pieces to be stored in the refrigerator […]

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To the ‘easy’  I should add versatile for this next recipe.  I first made them spread on parchement paper on a sheet pan in our land oven.  Using a cookie cutter made them the perfect size to top a toasted English muffin. You tried my recipe for those didn’t you?  No?  Well hop to it…recipe link here As I now believe almost anything cooked in […]

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