To the ‘easy’  I should add versatile for this next recipe.  I first made them spread on parchement paper on a sheet pan in our land oven.  Using a cookie cutter made them the perfect size to top a toasted English muffin. You tried my recipe for those didn’t you?  No?  Well hop to it…recipe link here As I now believe almost anything cooked in […]

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Chilly rainy days mean cooked breakfast aboard R.E.D.  I had some fresh greens, peppers and farm eggs just begging to be turned into something belly warming. The greens I used were a mix of baby kale and arugula which gave a more crispy result.  Small chopped spinach leaves work well too.   Choose your peppers wisely if using the Omnia stove top oven.  They should […]

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This little breakfast treat was surprisingly easy.  I stumbled onto the idea while reading an article about the sous vide method of cooking and wondered why I couldn’t recreate these in my stove top Omnia oven.  The water bath method takes one hour of cooking time and since cooking fuel/electricity is at a premium on the boat I thought that surely I can cut that […]

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TURNIP HASH and SAUSAGE BAKE (with product review)

Really excited about this post today, Galley Peeps!  I have a new recipe to try out in my Omnia stove top oven and a new galley toy to play with.  I recently learned about this barbecue thermometer from someone on a social media group that I follow.  It’s probe fits perfectly into the lid of the Omnia to monitor the ambiant temperature inside the cook […]

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It’s surprising how little effort it takes to throw together something special for a Boxing Day breakfast or brunch.  With the help of some Christmas gnome magic and all the flavours that speak of the season this creamy concoction was ready in no time. For the purpose of boat galley cooking it was made in my stove top Omnia oven but in a conventional oven […]

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Since I didn’t blog as much as usual during our summer trip this year (beginning of our story here), I have a lot of recipes that I feel are still blog-worthy even though we are now back in our land galley for the next few months (insert sad face here). This next one is another ‘bits and pieces’ meal that used some leftover grilled chicken… […]

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  When we’re not heading out on the water early, I love putting together something a bit more special for our breakfast.  On days like this our first morning coffee spills over to a second, sometimes a third so that by the time we eat it’s more of a brunch thing.   Many years ago now when we were in the dating phase of our […]

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There’s nothing more satisfying than a rich, creamy, custardy bread pudding.  It’s like having dessert for breakfast. This was a product of using up some galley supplies.  The last of my farm eggs from happy chickens, some opened canned milk, aging whole grain bread (hard to believe this one slipped by my bread-lovin’ man) and canned peaches (yes, I know fresh are in season but […]

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One thing I bring a lot of onboard for the season is my Bisquick clone mix.  It allows me to whip up scones, crepes etc with ease and it made a great topping for today’s breakfast. As I’m writing this I’m thinking it’s time to throw together some more biscuits to serve  with local strawberries.  But I digress.  On to the recipe at hand… Little teeny […]

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How about a little beer for breakfast? No really, I’m serious. In search of new and easy recipes for this summer’s adventures aboard s/v R.E.D., I came across this popular Danish breakfast dish. Danes feed it to their kids so would it be that bad for a couple of hearty sailors to indulge in at the start of the day? It was surprisingly good and […]

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