It’s surprising to me sometimes what you folks are looking for when you search for Galley Kat recipes.  Sometimes if runs the line of special holidays as it did last month. Lots and lots of Irish/Saint Patrick’s Day hits.  And I shouldn’t be surprised at the delicious Easter Trifle because, well, it was Easter and it is a truly easy dessert.

But why Batsaria received almost as many search hits as the trifle was a stunner.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s really good.  Maybe it was you Omnia stove top folks looking for more yummy options.  Whatever the reason I was very happy to see that number of folks dropping by and I hope you enjoyed the visit.

Following in at a close third was my Sumo Stew, a bowlfull of succulent shrimp and juicy meatballs and slithering noodles swimming in a delicious broth.  Lots of protein in this one and has been one of my go-to recipes when I feel the need to fight off whatever evil viruses are floating around this time of year.

Normally it’s the Green Eggs searches that crop up around Easter but this year you guys seemed to be craving a little Asian inspiration.  Sesame and that bite of wasabe sure adds  extra zing to these deviled eggs don’t they?

One of my favourite breakfasts came in fifth this month and it left me wondering how many of you were planning to have this as breakfast in bed.  It was fun changing things up with waffled potatoes instead of the classic English muffins.

As I write this post, I’m beginning to understand that there may be some logic in your searches after all.  Eggs Benedict has led you to my easy stove top English muffins hasn’t it?  Makes perfect sense.  Easter, virus season, special breakfasts.  All except for the Batsaria.  That one doesn’t fit into any pattern.  Oh well!  So very glad to have had you all onboard this month.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Come back any time.  I’m always cooking up something for you to try.


Simply click on the captions below each image for the recipe link

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