During a recent visit to the big city

we had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious brunch at

Brazen Head Pub

in Liberty Village, Toronto

my Dublin Benny…
…and Captain had their
“It’s a Bloody Big Deal Burger”
(it was all that and more)
and a pint of course…
All of this got me to thinking of a fine Easter brunch for us…
mostly along the Eggs Benedict lines..
A bit more effort that pouring cereal but so worth it,
was last year’s Easter brunch…

Eggs Benedict using corn cakes

and Avocado Hollandaise.

Now to take a page from the Brazen Head

and try another version of Eggs Benedict

using my new favourite Galley toy…


special equipment: waffle iron

2 cups grated potatoes

scant 1/4 cup melted butter

salt & pepper

1 cup baby spinach, coursley chopped

bacon, ham, prosciutto or spicy Capicola (*see Galley Kat Notes below)

2 eggs

1 recipe Easy Hollandaise Sauce (**see Galley Kat Notes below)

chipotle spice, cayenne or spicy smoked paprika

Make Hollandaise Sauce and add your spice of choice.

Set aside and keep warm.

Heat waffle iron

Combine melted butter with grated potatoes.

Season well with salt and pepper.

Scoop mixture onto heated waffle iron and close.

Depending on type of iron, flip to make sure potatoes are nicely browned on both sides.

When steam subsides (and there will be lots of steam) they should be done.

I find that by cooking hash browns this way you get a crispy golden crust

and a wonderful soft interior.

Set aside to keep warm while you poach your eggs.


Waffled potatoes



Poached egg

Hollandaise drizzled over all.

…and a crack or two of pepper…

Not the easiest brunch from my little Galley

but hey,

it’s Easter

and my Captain always appreciates the effort.

Galley Kat Notes

* To cut down on cooking time I used spicy capicola leftover from our Italian Easter Pie.

heated in my little poaching pan then kept warm while I cooked the eggs.

** Try adding fresh lime juice to your Hollandaise instead of lemon juice.





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