One more land-based dinner party to plan before this Galley Kat is on the water again. Captain’s son will be heading soon to live in Arizona so I cooked up a storm, albeit a small storm to mark his departure. His all time favourite dessert was the star of the show. Scratch Banana Cream Pie topped with homemade almond brittle… definitely not something I would […]

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Halloumi is a wonderful flavourful salty squeaky cheese that lends itself so well to grilling. Serve with a fresh green salad (check out my Quinoa Salad) or whatever you have on hand in your galley. Tonight it will be the perfect addition to a cockpit-end-of-day mezze feast…. with a little taste of this with a little sip of that… I simply sliced the Halloumi, dipped […]

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Well not quite aboard… still a lot of water to subside before our R.E.D. is ready for another season… but the Galley Kat is making plans… and dreaming… Traditional Easter dinners at our house would include baked ham, all poked with cloves and covered in pineapple slices and my Mom’s brown sugar glaze (remember those Good Housekeeping pictures?), scalloped potatoes (still the best I have […]

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One of the moderators of a Facebook group that I belong to asked what everyone was making for their onboard Thanksgiving Dinner this year. Since Sea Salt Galley Kat has attracted more readers from the US than any other country I thought I would comply and post what we would have if we were onboard and celebrating this great event. Plus we boaters here in […]

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