Hello my Galley Friends. The weather here lately has been fabulous and I’ve been itching to go camping.  But with so many chores to complete before the summer months (oh the joys of home ownership!), I’ve had to rail in my need to scratch that itch.  Garden has to go in.  Spring cleaning a must. Downstairs bathroom and laundry area is in the beginning stages […]

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Hello to you my Galley Friends. Here’s my situation.  I’ve been invited to a friend’s place for bison burgers…a friend from Alberta who is a consummate  carnivore.  A bit of back story…we treated him a while ago to some water buffalo burgers (I made Juicy Lucys) and he wanted to return the favour.  I offered to bring a side dish.  Offer accepted.  Then I thought […]

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FRUIT COBBLER – with make-ahead topping

Hi there my Galley Friends. I have a fun trick for you today that will make your nomadic-tiny-living-rv’ing-camping-off-grid existence so much easier. Now if I described this as dessert from a can, a jar or a bag, what would you think? EEW right? But that’s what it is really. I used to make up little zip baggies of the topping and bring it with us […]

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Hey there folks. It’s another busy day in my galley and I really wanted something tasty for dessert. I searched in my stash of Friend’s Faves submissions and found one from Lena for a plum tart and I just happened to have seven little purple plums at the perfect stage of ripeness. Some flour, butter, sugar, a dash of salt and a generous amount of […]

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Things are exploding in my galley again today folks, thanks to my friend Joan for the initial idea of JOAN’S TACO BOMBS that started me on this bomb-making quest.  We now have one more lunch, dinner or appetizer type bomb to add to the repertoire with SPANAKOPITA BOMBS for a taste bud explosion.  And we have BREAKFAST BOMBS to begin the day […]

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My this month went quickly didn’t it?  And here we are again into fall and the beautiful weather that comes with it…and October.  October!  I barely can remember what happened in September, the days just flew by. I can see by the most viewed recipes that you too are getting into the cooler weather frame of mind with spicey sauces, apple dishes, belly warming chicken […]

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More rhubarb love for you today my Galley Peeps.  I’m not sure how long I can keep going back to my little garden patch and harvest enough fresh goodness for yet another recipe but I’ll keep going until I can’t.  Over the top enthusiasm?  Maybe, but after living in a condo apartment for so many years and I can now waltz..yes, waltz…out my back door […]

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How could a pot of this… Become this most heavenly nectar of the summer-time-grillin’-gods?… Well let me tell you a story… It all began with my over the top excitement about discovering we had moved into this paradise by the sea with an existing crop of rhubarb.  I watched these little crowns…. …evolve into full blown stalks of nature’s goodness.  Too much over the top? […]

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Have you ever tried using preserved lemons in your cooking?  They add such a wonderful extra ‘something’ to a dish but sometimes they can be quite pricey to purchase.  I’ve made them myself with success (my recipe here) but they take several weeks to cure properly.  Not always practical.  Well, I now have a way for you to have them ready in about three hours […]

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I love all my galley gear, especially my little Omnia stove top oven.  Even though our boat is out of the water for this season, I still use it in our land galley.  And because of our recent packin-up-and-movin-out, it’s been the one appliance I haven’t packed.  Our land oven was scrubbedd clean for the future owner so it became a no cook zone before […]

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