I know what some of you may be thinking…clam pizza???…Well, I have to tell you, unless you have tried it, you have no idea just what you are missing With visitors from away, we are always looking for new places to visit.  Like playing tourist in our own back yard.  A wine tour was on this day’s outing and after some most enjoyable tasting at […]

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Hello there my Galley friends.  So very glad you dropped by.  I was in the mood today for an easy supper, so created this little number for you to try. Very much a take on traditional grilled cheese but with Middle Eastern flavours, in the style of a Mexican quesadilla. Load these as you wish. More cheese. More veggies. Double up the tasty donair meat […]

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MAC ‘n CHEESE (pressure cooker version)

Hi there my galley friends.  Do I ever have an easy one for you to try today.  Well yes, mac and cheese if already a simple and go to standard  but what if I told you it could be ready in as little as ten minutes and at least half of that time is hands off cooking.  That’s right, three minutes in the pressure cooker […]

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EASY SLOW COOKER MAC ‘n CHEESE (a guest in my galley)

Now that we’ve moved back to Nova Scotia my son Luke gets to visit us more often.  And he’s such a great helper, always asking  what he can do to assist.  One weekend he spent the time putting together some shelves so I could organize our wee place a bit better. Another time he spent the afternoon with Francois clearing the brush around Duck Pond, […]

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I love kugel, especially the savoury kind.  Well, in truth I love anything with pasta and cheese.  It’s the ultimate comfort food especially welcomed now that we are heading into some chilly days.  I call it my hibernation food. This next recipe was made to be a complete meal with spinach and mushrooms and lots of dairy for protein.  I baked it no-oven-galley-style in my […]

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I wasn’t going to write a blog post about this recipe until Captain  gave his review (unbiased of course).  It was love at first bite. Sometimes going to that extra effort is worth it to hear the ‘mmmm’s’ and ‘oh-this-is-SO-good’s’  Not that in a traditional galley or land kitchen it would be difficult to put together (basically a cheesed up spiced up white sauce with […]

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I can’t get enough of fresh market tomatoes.  Ripe plump so juicy and sweet they make the perfect back drop to any summer meal. Tonight I made this super delicious salad alla caprese style but with the addition of pasta.  Any pasta will do but fettuccini  was what I had on hand (broken into 2-3″ bits to make eating easier). This one is not too […]

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Want an easy side dish for your supper tonight? These stuffed mushrooms were super simple to throw together and very tasty . I can even see them made with smaller mushrooms served as an appetizer.   I made six for the two of us but the filling could easily have been enough for eight mushrooms.  I really over filled them.     I spiced up […]

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This little breakfast treat was surprisingly easy.  I stumbled onto the idea while reading an article about the sous vide method of cooking and wondered why I couldn’t recreate these in my stove top Omnia oven.  The water bath method takes one hour of cooking time and since cooking fuel/electricity is at a premium on the boat I thought that surely I can cut that […]

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This next recipe was created for a recent recipe competition and I must say I was very pleased with the results.  It’s not fancy but it would definitely make the perfect addition to a holiday buffet.  It’s economical to make, healthy and super easy.  For you land-based Galley Peeps, break out your bundt pan, throw this together and serve with your fave marinara sauce but […]

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