Last sailing season I was so encouraged with the success of keeping my basil plant alive onboard (it seems to really like the humid environment) that I decided to expand my efforts to include other herbs. ….I ordered some seeds. …some little pots for my seedlings. …and within a fews days, I had some encouraging results. …sprouting continues to be my favourite growing method and […]

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A while ago I published a post about sprouting lentils. The process was surprisingly easy… So much so that I decided to buy a real sprouter to use on the boat as glass (i.e. the make-shift Mason jar sprouter) isn’t the best material to have around when we rock and roll on the water. An internet search brought me to the Easy Sprout… …a 1 […]

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LENTILS – A Love Story

I think my love affair with lentils began several years ago when during a visit with my sister she served her oh so yummy Lemony Lentil Soup (link to recipe) We have since been enjoying many delicious dishes from stews to salads to more soups to lentil veggie cakes and our Meatless Monday quite often features a lentil dish. Lentil meals are also frequent onboard […]

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