DIETARY REBOOT – Days 29 and 30

Morning has broken on our final Whole 30 day. Looking back over the month, I can’t think of anything I would have done differently.  Variety in our meals made it all very enjoyable.  Good planning was key to keeping on track. I found the creativity of finding substitutes for some things (mostly condiments) challenging but there is a whole world wide web of exciting recipes […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 17 and 18

Part of the ease in making this Whole30 regime work is keeping sequestered from outside challenges like dining out. Entertaining guests also adds a new dimension to our culinary journey. Old habits resurface, as when Captain François automatically reached for a slice of bread during a recent dinner party. The next few days may or may not be difficult as we welcome guests for the week. […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 13 and 14

It’s hard to believe we’ve almost reached the halfway point in our Whole 30 Challenge without cheating. Well not entirely without cheating. We weren’t supposed to weigh ourselves…and we did. aaaand… Captain Francois has shed 8 lbs and I, 4 lbs in just two weeks. This wasn’t about weight loss as much as it was about rebalancing our eating habits but the fact that it has […]

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No that isn’t a typo… it’s Scambied Eggs which always will be associated with my son-in-law’s cat Ollie… toothless, deaf, epileptic with so many more health problems, including serious inner ear issues that left her with a permanent lean to port side. …and yes, Ollie was a ‘she’. My daughter said scambied eggs was just something silly they used to say to her when they […]

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This is a great make-ahead recipe for those situations when you either don’t feel like preparing breakfast or if on a boat, are underway and don’t have time or need something quick to throw into your lunch bag (for land-locked working folks that is)… They can be prepared ahead and frozen. We don’t have a freezer in our little galley but now that our boating […]

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