This is a great make-ahead recipe for those situations

when you either don’t feel like preparing breakfast

or if on a boat, are underway and don’t have time

or need something quick to throw into your lunch bag

(for land-locked working folks that is)…

They can be prepared ahead and frozen.

We don’t have a freezer in our little galley

but now that our boating season is reaching it’s end

I thought I would prepare some to take to the boat

while we are winterizing her.

For sure I will be making these next spring too

as they keep really well in the cooler or refrigerator for a week.

…little vine-ripened tomatoes with a touch of fresh thyme.

…my galley production line.


makes 10 wraps

10 eggs

salt and pepper

1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves (optional)

a healthy pinch of dried chilis (optional)

about 6 cups fresh baby spinach

1 tbsp butter

10-12 cherry or grape tomatoes, quartered

1 package of 10 whole grain tortillas

Whisk eggs with a splash of water (my daughters trick for fluffy eggs)

Add salt, pepper and seasonings of choice

Scramble eggs until completely cooked.

(I prefer my eggs moist but it’s best if cooked until firm)

Remove eggs to a bowl or plate to cool slightly.

Keeping to minimal clean-up, wipe out egg pan

and return to heat.

Melt butter and add spinach stirring until just barely wilted.

Drain as much of the liquid from the spinach so you don’t have soggy wraps.

Assemble your tortillas.

top each with 1/10th eggs,

then 1/10th of the spinach,

then 1/10th of the tomatoes.

Roll each burrito-style

(edge folded over egg, pull gently to secure egg mixture then tuck in ends and finish rolling)

If freezing wrap in foil then load all your future burritos into a freezer bag.

(I used a vaccum sealer to individually package them to avoid freezer burn)

When ready to eat, these can be thawed and microwaved for a couple of minutes,

but no microwave for this Galley Kat so I heat the foil packets in a covered pan over low heat,

turning once.

I served these with some Greek yogurt, salsa and hot sauce.

Now I’m ready for the day!

Galley Kat Post Script

Because we were heading back to the boat for a day of sailing today.

I pulled 3 frozen burritos from the freezer,

removed the foil packaging,

microwaved for 2 minutes,

then warmed them in a covered pan for 5 minutes (turning half way),

packed them up for a road trip breakfast with a little container of hot sauce for dipping….

complete, still good, still tasty.



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