MUJENDRA (Cypriot rice and lentils)

This week I’m in plant-based heaven again.  I was enjoying a weekend morning cocooning in bed doing catch-up on some reading while having the TV on for some background noise and what do I hear?…’leftovers’?  Got my attention it did. The recipe had a name very similar to something I made for you a while ago…MUJADDARA which is what it’s called in Middle Eastern culinary circles. […]

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Melanie’s Meatless ‘Meatloaf’!  How’s that for alliteration?  I swear I don’t pair reader’s submissions with names of the recipes.  It really was Melanie who sent me her meatless meatloaf recipe…which by the way is also gluten free, grain free and egg free…as well as being, of course, meat free.  This new trend, shall I call it, on Sea Salt Galley Kat, has sparked some very […]

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Hello Galley Folks.  I’ve been working on some not-so-meaty dishes for you.  I try to strike a balance between animal/fish protein and more plant-based meals at least 3 times each week with a soup or chowder meal thrown into the mix.  Plus I know that in a few days we will be so turkey-ed out that we’ll need a little belly break.  This very repeatable […]

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I have a tasty dish for your Meatless Monday, Galley Peeps. It took next to no time in the pressure cooker. Or for those of you lucky enough to own an Instant Pot, you will barely have time to set the table. This recipe is great on days when you don’t have a lot of time to cook but want something hearty to fill your […]

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My guy likes pretty much everything I make.  He never complains about my frequent dalliance into the vegetarian, vegan world although I know he loves meaty dishes. But when I get an unsolicited comment like ‘this one’s a keeper Kathy’, I sit up and take notice. The flavours in this Mediterranean inspired dish are wonderful, the crispy fried onion the perfect complement and I think […]

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Captain Francois’ comment about tonight’s supper: “If this is vegetarian, you can make it for me anytime!”  Healthy, meatless and really easy to throw together, I made it stove-top in my Omnia Oven. A little sautéing, a splash of wine and some seasonings. The addition of some greens, then packed into a baking dish, topped with potatoes and in just a few minutes it was […]

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If you, as with us, are at the over-consumption, all gobbled out and your bellies feeling like they may never be empty again stage of the holiday season, here’s an easy light salad packed with flavour and protein. A couple of years ago I stumbled onto an article about Teff, a tiny Ethiopian grain with an impressive nutritional profile, which led me to making some […]

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A while ago I published a post about sprouting lentils. The process was surprisingly easy… So much so that I decided to buy a real sprouter to use on the boat as glass (i.e. the make-shift Mason jar sprouter) isn’t the best material to have around when we rock and roll on the water. An internet search brought me to the Easy Sprout… …a 1 […]

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We are big…huge…pizza lovers. It really is the perfect food. Versatile unlimited toppings, seasonings, oils veggies, meats and cheeses. There was that inspired moment last summer when I realized that we could be living on the boat and still enjoy pizza (link) Enter on the scene – Naan bread and now that I can make my own pita (link) Making real pizza dough onboard is […]

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LENTILS – A Love Story

I think my love affair with lentils began several years ago when during a visit with my sister she served her oh so yummy Lemony Lentil Soup (link to recipe) We have since been enjoying many delicious dishes from stews to salads to more soups to lentil veggie cakes and our Meatless Monday quite often features a lentil dish. Lentil meals are also frequent onboard […]

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