CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 – year of the pig

CHINESE NEW YEAR 2019 – year of the pig

Next week is the beginning of the Chinese New Year so I’ve put together some of our favourite Asian-inspired recipes for you, just in case you want to up your chances of more health, fortune or wealth, longevity, attract more loyalty and bring peace to your lives.  It never hurts does it?  And while you’re making this year more properous you get to enjoy some very VERY tasty dishes (simple click on each name to access the recipe)

Eggs: for a big and healthy family, Asian Deviled Eggs

Shrimp and Fish: for fortune, wealth and surplus, Asian Fish and Shrimp Burgers

Pork: for peace, Lion’s Head Meatballs

Duck: for loyalty, Duck Soup

Noodles: for longevity, Asian Noodles with Cucumber

Here’s to a very Happy Chinese New Year to you my Galley folks.  Thanks for stopping by my little galley by the sea.


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