LUNAR NEW YEAR 2022 – year of the tiger (new recipe included)

Next week is the beginning of the Lunar New Year and it just happens to be my year….the Year of the Tiger…so fitting for this Galley Kat isn’t it? I’ve put together some of our favourite Asian-inspired recipes for you, just in case you want to up your chances of more health, fortune or wealth, longevity, attract more loyalty and bring peace to your lives. […]

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Good day to you all my Galley Friends.  I hope you are all well and ready for another treat from my little kitchen.  I must admit, that I really have been missing our dear sail boat, and when meal time rolls around I especially miss my very compact but efficient galley. Cooking minimally has become so engrained, that even with more conventional appliances, I still […]

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I have a simple dinner for you today my Galley Peeps. Delicate white fish, some salad crab and buttery crackers crumbs, cooked to perfection in barely 20 minutes. The preparation was super simple too. Fish in pan, a couple of grinds of salt and pepper.  Crumbs, melted butter, seasonings all mixed with crab meat. Sprinkled generously over the fish. Baked. Could it be any easier? […]

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IRISH ROUND-UP + bonus recipe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Happy March to you all, Galley Peeps.  For most of us in the northern parts of the world it’s a month we all look forward to, regardless if we’ve had our last snow fall or not.  We know that gradually those dark winter days will turn into days that are longer and longer, warmer and warmer. Several birthdays to celebrate […]

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I’m back!  Did you miss me?  I’ve been so involved with my new project (details to come soon I promise) that I almost forgot about my Galley Peeps.  So sorry. I promise to be more attentive in the future.  As an apology  I’m offering a very easy and super tasty meal for you.  A two for one. The warm Brussels sprout salad could easily be […]

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Hi all you Galley Kat Peeps. I thought that this month instead of a collection of your most viewed recipes, I’d re-post my favourite chowder recipes. Last week’s post of Fisherman’s Stew was one of your most searched of my little galley recipes this month (you can find that recipe here). Is it maybe because the time of year with changing leaves, crisp cool days […]

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My goodness this month went fast!   We’ve been so busy dividing our time amongst getting the boat ready for her spring splash, preparing for guests and tending to getting our new-to-us gardens cleaned up that it’s left little time for anything else. I did take the time though to put together a list of your favourite Galley Kat recipes for the month of May. […]

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We came back from a recent visit to the doctor with orders for one of us (no names will be mentioned) to cut back on white potatoes, white bread, white rice and pasta.  A 25% cut back he said. So this Galley Kat got to searching through the recipe data base, the pantry and refrigerator to find options for tonight’s supper.  Well!!! Do I ever […]

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HONEY GARLIC SALMON – a captain cooks creation

Encouraged by the delicious results and popularity of his Honey Roast Duck a while ago (recipe here),  Francois asked permission to invade my land galley once again and I’m lovin’ it!  He cooks (I’ve never had any of his creations that haven’t  been super delicious).  He cleans up after himself (how could I ever complain about that). Added to that, he’s just an all round […]

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Desperately needing some fish.  After all the moving stuff and at times not so healthy eating I really felt like something fresh from the sea.  Afterall we’re now living just a few paces from St-Margaret’s Bay and some of the freshest harvest from the sea so tonight is the night. Some sautéed  veggies… Seasonings and coconut milk… Add the marinated fish… And you’ll be ready […]

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