LUNAR NEW YEAR 2022 – year of the tiger (new recipe included)

Next week is the beginning of the Lunar New Year and it just happens to be my year….the Year of the Tiger…so fitting for this Galley Kat isn’t it? I’ve put together some of our favourite Asian-inspired recipes for you, just in case you want to up your chances of more health, fortune or wealth, longevity, attract more loyalty and bring peace to your lives. […]

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Comfort food in a jar is what F calls this. It was a rather chilly rainy time in the camper.  We had to fire up the heater to take all the humidity from the air it was so damp.  The day was spent mostly indoors….that day I made my Soldier Cookies, remember? Well, I had a little two-cup jar of Hamburger Helper mix that I […]

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Hi there my Galley Peeps.  I’m so glad you dropped by for a visit today.   I’m cooking up a delicious Korean meal for you.  Some very intense spice going on here but it’s all balanced nicely with crunchy cucumber pickles, steamed broccoli, a pile of fluffy basmati rice (I used the brown version this time) all nestled beside some tasty sautéed ground chicken. The […]

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My goodness this month went fast!   We’ve been so busy dividing our time amongst getting the boat ready for her spring splash, preparing for guests and tending to getting our new-to-us gardens cleaned up that it’s left little time for anything else. I did take the time though to put together a list of your favourite Galley Kat recipes for the month of May. […]

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I have a very easy tasty Asian inspired  meal for you Galley Peeps.  Pork meatballs so full of flavour and tender cooked on a bed of greens in my Omnia stove top oven but you could easily make in a covered wok or baking dish. Don’t be thrown off by how ‘soupy’ the meat mixture is.  It came together very well once browned on each […]

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Oh my, but this was good!  I made a batch of this pepper bacon and before it was barely cooled I had consumed or rather inhaled at least half of it.  Sadly this was all that remained from one pound of bacon.  Seven slices.  I made a special trip back to the market for another package.  Bacon addicts anonymous should be notified. I think I’ve […]

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What to do when you’re moving and want to clear out some cupboards.  You make barbecue sauce. I had one jar of unopened apricot preserves, 4 lonely garlic cloves, and 2″ length of fresh ginger and some golden corn syrup (which I never use any more but has been hanging around forever because unpasteurized honey is now my go to sweetener of choice). A few […]

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Missing my land-based Friday happy hours. The one day of the week that was a no-cook zone.  I could prepare things in advance but the whole idea was to create a no fuss, easy on the Galley Kat end of the week kind of dinner when we both got home from work.  Sometimes I would get a little carried away (who me?) with new recipes […]

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Ah, the versatility of the lowly meatloaf! So many ways to dress it up.  So many different ways to season.   It shows up quite often in my galley, providing variety, using different types of meats and oh, those leftovers.  The one pictured below gave up the basics with slices of bacon-wrapped deliciousness, followed by meatloaf sandwiches the next day and a bonus day of […]

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When Captain makes a request for something specific from the galley, the Kat does her best to comply.  Francois has been asking for pulled pork anything for some time now so tonight I broke out the pressure cooker to assuage his cravings.  The important thing to remember is that the cut of meat has to be a rather fatty one.  I’ve tried to make pulled […]

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