Missing my land-based Friday happy hours. The one day of the week that was a no-cook zone.  I could prepare things in advance but the whole idea was to create a no fuss, easy on the Galley Kat end of the week kind of dinner when we both got home from work.  Sometimes I would get a little carried away (who me?) with new recipes to try but it was that one sacred day…no not Sunday….sacred in the sense that we would adhere to the concept as best we could.

So today’s post for my Galley Peeps is all about simple.  I did the pre-planning, prepping, chopping, wrapping in advance (wipe my sweaty brow) and Captain did the grilling (the easy part). I’m quite comfortable with our more traditional division of labour.  Afterall he does all the heavy lifting and kills spiders….a real keeper!

I used my go-to Irish Whiskey grilling sauce for this.  It’s really worth that little bit of extra effort and that caramelized sweetness surrounding each bite was pure pork heaven. ( Recipe here) but your fave bbq sauce will work just fine.  The horseradish dipping sauce is something I usually serve with beef and is amazing with potato latkes, but it went very well with the sweet crusty morsels. Recipe for dipping sauce here

It is hard for me to judge  tenderloin/bacon slice/sauce ratio for you because it depends on the size of the tenderloin.  But the 1/2 cup of sauce was more than enough. I was very generous with my slathering.  And obviously 12 slices of bacon cut in half works with 24 pork bits.  The recipe below is just a guide to the quanties.

These tastey little bites made the perfect cockpit happy hour meal and with grilled fresh tomato naan bread slices we had the makings of a complete meal.  Just add the cocktails.

Happy, happy, happy!


Serves: About 24 morsels
  • 1 small pork tenderloin, cut into 1" pieces
  • Several thin slices of bacon, cut in half
  • ½ cup of your fave BBQ sauce
  • Toothpicks
  • Dipping sauce of choice
  1. Heat your grill. High is good because you want to sear all that sauce and make the bacon crispy. The tenderloin takes very litle time to cook so just focus on creating a caramelized finish.
  2. Wrap each piece of pork with bacon and secure with a toothpick.
  3. Generously slather each pieces with sauce.
  4. Grill until bacon and sauce start to caramelize, turning to make sure all sides are cooked well.
  5. Serve with your fave dipping sauce

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