LUNAR NEW YEAR 2022 – year of the tiger (new recipe included)

Next week is the beginning of the Lunar New Year and it just happens to be my year….the Year of the Tiger…so fitting for this Galley Kat isn’t it? I’ve put together some of our favourite Asian-inspired recipes for you, just in case you want to up your chances of more health, fortune or wealth, longevity, attract more loyalty and bring peace to your lives. […]

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Since we have embarked on our meatless/vegan-ish journey and since putting my request out there for my readers to send in their favourite recipes to challenge me in my little galley, I have received almost exclusively vegan recipes.  It would seem that a good number of you are pursuing life with the same mind set as we are…that is…reducing animal protein, eating less meat, while […]

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PAT’S PERFECT PASTA (plus bonus recipe for Mushroom and Sage Pasta Dish)

Have you ever tried to make your own pasta? Friends have told me it’s super easy.  Recent guests to our humble seaside home said they make pasta for lobster filled ravioli….oh, be still my seafood loving beating heart! And recently someone from social media posted a picture of his outdoor pasta making.  So, I thought to myself, if he can easily make it in a […]

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Garlicky White Bean, Artichoke and Broccoli

A very long day, our weekend guests  had just left and I really didn’t feel like turning around and making supper.  Where’s my glass of wine and foot stool?  I’ll just sit here while someone cooks. No offers? No, don’t get up, I take care of it (me walking toward the kitchen). This will have to be a ‘shop my pantry’ meal. I found one […]

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I’m back!  Did you miss me?  I’ve been so involved with my new project (details to come soon I promise) that I almost forgot about my Galley Peeps.  So sorry. I promise to be more attentive in the future.  As an apology  I’m offering a very easy and super tasty meal for you.  A two for one. The warm Brussels sprout salad could easily be […]

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PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES – only 3 ingredients!

Oh how far I’ve come from my early stove top cooking days!  My treasured Omnia stove top oven has been with us from the beginning of our boat obsession…now heading into our sixth season.  I must admit some of my first attempts were a bit rough but hey, it’s boat life…camping on the water.  We don’t need fancy. My previous effort at providing sweet treats […]

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My guy likes pretty much everything I make.  He never complains about my frequent dalliance into the vegetarian, vegan world although I know he loves meaty dishes. But when I get an unsolicited comment like ‘this one’s a keeper Kathy’, I sit up and take notice. The flavours in this Mediterranean inspired dish are wonderful, the crispy fried onion the perfect complement and I think […]

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Today’s recipe qualifies as an easy meatless meal. Lots of garlic, broth and ginger for the base. Eggs and bok choy filled in the rest to give us a well-rounded nutritious supper.   I used vegetable broth but chicken or beef broth would add extra dimension.  I’ve also used a spoonful or two of miso paste in the past for that added immunity-probiotic boost. Loosen […]

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We do love our fish.  Haven’t had a lot of luck catching the critters during our summers on the boat but we do dream someday of improving on this skill.  When we are lucky enough to get hold of fresh fish it’s a feast aboard.  With a little pretending tonight I created this Portuguese dish with some fresh cod found at our local fish market. […]

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“OH MON DIEU!”…translated….”of all things holy, this was one amazingly delicious sandwich”…and one worthy of bumping all my scheduled posts to have it published today. I am in the midst of preparing a menu for an upcoming cocktail gathering.  Just a simple casual affair to bring together  a small group of friends for some bubbly, a few nibbles and lots of good cheer. Usually I […]

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