Hi all of you tiny galley folks ….or is it folks in tiny galleys?  Yes, that sounds better…folks in tiny galleys.  Anyway,  I thought I’d try something new for you. The following are the six most popular  and most frequently searched for posts from this past month.  Simply click on the image to access the recipe.

Dragon Sauce

…a very versatile and easy Asian-inspired recipe


I’m surprised at this one’s popularity but it does a great job as a pan release mixture.  It’s been especially popular with the Omnia stove top folks.  Clean-up is a breeze.


Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins with Chocolate Sweet Potato Frosting

No surprise that this one has remained one of my most popular.  My son has asked for chocolate cake for his birthday this month so this may just be Momma’s recipe choice.  He’ll never know he is eating two veggies with each bite…wink wink.

Cheese Biscuits

This is a recent addition to my recipe repertoire thanks to my daughter and am sure its popularity has a lot to do with how versatile it is.  Add or subtract…. green onions…cheese…spice it up with jalapenos…add a tangy touch with sun-dried tomatoes….and oh those delicious breakfast sandwiches!


Apple Sauce Meatloaf 

Super moisty juicy and meaty with a touch of sweet.  It begs for a side of mashed potatoes to mix with all those juices.


Unstuffed Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (pressure cooker version)

I can understand the popularity of this one.  All the flavours of Mom’s but ready in twenty minutes.  Don’t forget the dollop of sour cream.


You’re welcome!!

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