Hi all you Galley Peeps.  There has been so much going on in our lives at the moment, namely the sale of our sailboat R.E.D. (story here).  It’s thrown a curve ball at us that impacts so much of who we are and what we have been doing up to now.  Sea Salt Galley Kat was born out of our love for sailing and for […]

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Hi everyone,  thanks for dropping by… I’ve been a busy busy Galley Kat this week with projects, both indoors and out, screaming to be attacked.  I did, however take the time to write up today’s offering for you… a trifecta of deliciousness… and all plant-based to boot. Tasty veggie packed burger mixture with the added protein punch of crunchy quinoa and salty halloumi….a smearing of […]

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WILD RICE and MUSHROOM SOUP (pressure cooker version)

Isn’t this the time of year for soups?  Belly warming, rich, flavourful soups.  And to be honest, when it comes to galley prep, I’m lazy.  That’s what’s so appealing about living with restrictions…both in what’s available and environment.  No one expects fancy pants elaborate meals when all you have to work with is a boat cooler and a one-burner alcohol-sometimes-with-electricity-fueled stove.  Some of the best […]

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GREEK LAMB STEW (pressure cooker version)

As some of you know we have been homeless for the past few months.  Our condo in Montreal sold and closed the 12th October.  All our wordly possessions were packed into an 8’x8’x16’ POD moving container which is now waiting for delivery this coming week. During the transition of closing in Montreal and closing here in Nova Scotia we have been staying with my daughter, […]

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Time to add a little heat to the galley today.  Another chilly rainy day  and I have a good book to curl up with.  No time to be messing around with time consuming meals. Six chicken thighs and a handful of vegetables, some olives and lemon for a Mediterranean flair and we had a tasty meal in a little over one-half hour. Being the frugal […]

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How can you resist all the fresh produce these days?  I certainly couldn’t on a recent trip to our local farmers’ market.  A big bunch of carrots, new potatoes, fresh green and yellow beans, some shelled peas made the base of one of my favourite East Coast dishes.   Hodge Podge is a sort of soup, sort of stew depending if you make it thickened […]

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Today’s recipe is a little weird, even for me.  I’m not vegetarian and certainly not vegan.  I do like meat from time to time and now that we are living on the east coast am loving the abundance of fresh fish and seafood sometimes literally at our back door. But I’m really intrigued by some nutirent-rich plant-based dishes.  I feel it’s good to learn more […]

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We’ve both been a little ‘under the weather’ lately and were craving something warm, comforting and healing for supper tonight.  Tortellini Soup (my favourite recipe here) always does it for me but I didn’t have any sausage on hand.  Lots of carrots, spinach and celery but sadly, no tomatoes either. Two juicy lemons were substituted  in and I think I now have a new favourite […]

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I love the versatility of orzo pasta.  It’s one of those comfort foods that goes so well added to soups, salads, casseroles, cooks relatively quickly compared to rice yet gives a similar toothy texture.  I’ve used it many times while on the water because one little package goes a long way and takes up so little space.  One of my fave recipes I’ll share with […]

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Happy Meatless Monday Galley Peeps. The following is a little simple economical vegetarian dish for tonight’s supper loaded with lots of rich layered veggies, some eggs, and milk. Even though I now have the Omnia silicone insert, I still prepare the pan with a good coating of my homemade pan release (recipe here)  Topped with freshly grated parmesan. Then baked in my stove top Omnia […]

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