WAFFLE IRONS – not just for waffles

WAFFLE IRONS – not just for waffles

Always on the lookout for gadgets to make life on a boat easier,

I recently stumbled onto an article about

“23 things you can make in a waffle iron” (link)

Pure genious!

I have also been moderately interested in adding a sandwich maker to my galley stash

but concluded that it was just more ‘stuff’

and something electric would only add to the battery drain.

…But then so would a waffle iron…

unless, my step-son’s partner suggested,

I find an old-fashioned camp fire model.

But don’t they have long handles, I asked?

(every conscious of space saving)

Apparently not….

So with just a little research I found the perfect model on eBay,

…barely 6″ x 9″ with removable handles…

Being the enthusiastic Galley Kat that I am,

I jumped right in to try it out and


…a little scrambled egglette…

…and a grilled cheese…

…and it cleans up like a dream with just a bit of rinsing

(water as well as power economy)…

Thank you SO much Dennis for your advice!

Now I can’t wait to give the other 21 things a try…

4 responses to “WAFFLE IRONS – not just for waffles”

  1. Patricia says:

    I bought that same model last year at Baron Sport on St Laurent. I was making waffles with it during our annual camping trip to Vermont using the Coleman stove. Perfect! Now to look at the list to expand on it's use this summer 🙂

  2. 1 Happy Kat says:

    The grilled sandwich was like a crisp gooy panini. Can't wait to try the bacon method!

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