Hello there Galley friends or should I say top of the mornin’ to you? I gave my guy a choice of what he would like for this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day treat.  A traditional cooked breakfast with some tasty Irish potato cakes or Irish bread pudding.  Silly me!  Of course he chose the dessert.  Lucky him!  Lucky you! I made a few changes to SIMPLE PEACH […]

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You’ve caught me bomb making in my galley again and today is all about starting your day with a big bang.  Those Taco Bombs from last week’s post were good weren’t they?  Didn’t try them yet?  Well scoot on over there for JOAN’S TACO BOMBS,then come right back to check out these lovely little breakfast treats. I made the same yogurt/flour dough from Joan’s Taco […]

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PAT’S PERFECT PASTA (plus bonus recipe for Mushroom and Sage Pasta Dish)

Have you ever tried to make your own pasta? Friends have told me it’s super easy.  Recent guests to our humble seaside home said they make pasta for lobster filled ravioli….oh, be still my seafood loving beating heart! And recently someone from social media posted a picture of his outdoor pasta making.  So, I thought to myself, if he can easily make it in a […]

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When I first made this recipe, we were on the boat and I kind of just dumped everything into the pan, plunked the cheese on top and cooked it in my Omnia stove top oven.  It was delicious but not terribly pretty.  Notice how I tried to dress it up with a little basil? It did the trick as far as a healthy, easy and […]

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Since we’ve been doing so much outdoor work in the garden lately, I haven’t been keeping up with supplying our land galley.  Funny really how I still provision like we are still onboard.  Cans of this and that.  Lots of grains.   Plus more and more we’ve run into friends and some family members who are either cutting back on carbs or for health reasons […]

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I’ve been trying to become better organized in the galley these days.  It’s far too easy for me to get side tracked by yet another tasty something or other to try out.  It’s why for a brief time I subscribed to home delivery meals…all nicely packaged with just enough for the two of us…no leftovers…so extra bits and pieces to be stored in the refrigerator […]

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I posted this picture a few days ago on instagram while I was prepping for the first ever dinner guests in our new digs by the sea. I was honestly afraid I may have to pitch it out because I wasn’t able to find enough lady fingers and I’d already purchased most of the ingredients and started making some of the parts.  As much as […]

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I love kugel, especially the savoury kind.  Well, in truth I love anything with pasta and cheese.  It’s the ultimate comfort food especially welcomed now that we are heading into some chilly days.  I call it my hibernation food. This next recipe was made to be a complete meal with spinach and mushrooms and lots of dairy for protein.  I baked it no-oven-galley-style in my […]

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Chilly rainy days mean cooked breakfast aboard R.E.D.  I had some fresh greens, peppers and farm eggs just begging to be turned into something belly warming. The greens I used were a mix of baby kale and arugula which gave a more crispy result.  Small chopped spinach leaves work well too.   Choose your peppers wisely if using the Omnia stove top oven.  They should […]

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TURNIP HASH and SAUSAGE BAKE (with product review)

Really excited about this post today, Galley Peeps!  I have a new recipe to try out in my Omnia stove top oven and a new galley toy to play with.  I recently learned about this barbecue thermometer from someone on a social media group that I follow.  It’s probe fits perfectly into the lid of the Omnia to monitor the ambiant temperature inside the cook […]

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