CORN MUFFIN MIX – an update

Hi there folks.  I realize that I’ve been a wee bit absent lately.  I get that way sometimes, feeling my inspiration lacking but every time I start thinking about spring and what form it might take – specifically, picking up our little land trawler, RED II camper extrordinaire – I get motivated. Planning is my thing and at the moment I’m making lists of what […]

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JUDITH’S AUSSIE BITES (with product review)

This feels like a celebration and I have been saving today’s post for just this special occasion.  Omnia…you know those genius stove top oven folks?…well, they sent me one of their new products to try out.  The Muffin Ring…I’ve just finished using it for the first time and I absolutely LOVE it! The design is really very smart.  Silicone construction, which makes clean up a […]

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Since I’ve been posting these recipe round-ups it’s been fun watching the patterns of the most popular searches and boy oh boy you guys have been grilling and from what I can tell camping/RV’ing/boating up a storm.  It’s all about the barbecue and Omnia cooking this month.  Not to exclude you who are without the little stove-top miracle of an oven because you know I […]

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I’ve been trying to become better organized in the galley these days.  It’s far too easy for me to get side tracked by yet another tasty something or other to try out.  It’s why for a brief time I subscribed to home delivery meals…all nicely packaged with just enough for the two of us…no leftovers…so extra bits and pieces to be stored in the refrigerator […]

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For an easy and healthy on-the-go breakfast or quick snack, these little gems take the prize. QUINOA CARROT MUFFINS what you will need 2 cup cooked quinoa 2 cup all-purpose flour 3/4 cup packed dark-brown sugar 2 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1 cup pumpkin seeds 1 cup coarsely grated carrots 1/4 cup neutral oil (I chose grapeseed oil) 1/2 cup milk 1/2 […]

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I had some feta cheese staring at me from the refrigerator this morning, a morning when I felt hungry for muffins… It’s been a while since I made muffins, but I am always it seems in a boat galley frame of mind, so out came my Omnia stove top for another creation. Feta screams for something savoury, so I grabbed my last few sun-dried tomatoes, […]

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The other day we had to drop by our local Volkswagen dealer to have my key battery changed. Darn thing no longer recognized me and wouldn’t let me open the door. Anyway, the sales agent who sold us our tow beast was just arriving and with her she brought a big bag of Italian pretzels that her Momma had made in the early hours (apparently […]

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My recent post for Cosmopolitan Jelly Shots got me thinking… why not make some non-alcohol ones for an onboard snack? I know that health-wise, eating real fruit is better that fruit juices for many reasons, but if we are unable to always have fresh fruit available on the boat this could be an alternative… relatively healthy… quick energy snack… easy to make… doesn’t take up […]

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