SONJA’S KALPUDDING (Swedish Meatloaf)

Thanks to Sonja, one of my Galley friends, I have this delicious submission for Kalpudding, a Swedish meatloaf dish which I am very happy to say, uses 1/3 of my Smothered Cabbage.  I do hope you prepared yourself for today’s recipe.  If not, get yourself a cabbage and start braising. This was the perfect recipe for using my amazing Omnia stove top oven…also of Swedish […]

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Taking a break from bomb making this week (last posts here in case you missed them: JOAN’S TACO BOMBS, and BREAKFAST BOMBS ), I dove right into this delicious looking recipe for kibbe sent in by one of my Galley Peeps.  A type of meatloaf with  Middle Eastern flavours.  Wonderfully seasoned, oh so good and relatively simple to throw together.  I considered using other ground meat […]

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My Happy New Year greeting is a little late, I know.  Stuff seems to always get in the way and before I realize it another month has passed.  I have been busy though, trying very hard to keep my resolutions and am proud of what has been achieved so far.  Decluttering with minimalizing my possessions and consistent exercising tops the list…which is probably why blogging […]

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By now you likely know much I love leftovers.  Cooking once so we can eat two or three times just makes so much sense for us in my little galley.  Tonight I had extra portions of meatloaf and mashed potatoes with a few Brussels sprouts in the boat cooler. Captain had a hunger on for pizza so I threw together this next recipe using my […]

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Ah, the versatility of the lowly meatloaf! So many ways to dress it up.  So many different ways to season.   It shows up quite often in my galley, providing variety, using different types of meats and oh, those leftovers.  The one pictured below gave up the basics with slices of bacon-wrapped deliciousness, followed by meatloaf sandwiches the next day and a bonus day of […]

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STOVE TOP MEATLOAF (4 recipes in 1)

You might be thinking ‘oh yeah another meatloaf recipe’.  You’re right in that practically everyone has a fave meatloaf recipe.  But this post (as with all of my others) is more about versatility for folks like us who spend a whole lot of time in tiny spaces and especially for me as chief Galley Kat, cooking in wee spaces with minimal resources, next to no […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 1 and 2

Here I am at the end of the second day of our Whole30 challenge. Still feeling great and proud of ourselves. We woke earlier than usual filled with energy. The reason for combining the first and second day is because it was easier for me to make enough on day one for leftovers on day two. A good strategy I think. The key to success […]

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Really…meatloaf is meatloaf is meatloaf… but I have to admit this one was really tasty! The addition of spicy Italian sausage meat (mild is fine too) and sun-dried tomatoes turned this every day meal into something special. This makes a a lot – could easily serve 6 hungry sailors so I cooked half in my Omnia Stove Top Oven (keeping with this blog focus) and […]

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