On a roll my Galley friends.  Two blog posts in two weeks.  I think my deep blue funk is now a thing of the past.  Spring weather has a lot to do with it I’m sure…plus we recently de-winterized our little land trawler, RED II and spent the weekend aboard.  We are in lock down because of a nasty out-break of COVID in our east […]

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Hi there my Galley Peeps.  I apologize for my absence. A blue funk has hovered over my head lately and I just haven’t felt like creating.  So unlike me, I know. But I’m back today with a rather fun little recipe for you.  I thought it would be useful for we who live in small spaces or those with limited water resources. It all begins […]

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In the mood for some Fall baking?  I hope so, because I have a good one for you this week. This recipe was sent in by one of my Galley Kat readers who thought it just might be perfect to try out in the Omnia stove top oven.  And she was right. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if there will be too much batter to […]

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Hi there my Galley Peeps. Glad you stopped by today because, as promised, I have something for you to use up some of that leftover cake from my last post (Galley Cake Mix) I still laugh when writing that there is such a thing as leftover cake but here you go… One of my Peeps sent in this recipe quite a while ago and I […]

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Continuing on with simplifying my life in the kitchen/galley, I have a super fun recipe for you this week. Those who have been following along for a while, know how much I dislike commercial preparations, preferring instead to make my own whenever possible and practical. Growing up in a small farming community with a father who always preached ‘the closer to nature, the better’ and […]

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IRISH ROUND-UP + bonus recipe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Happy March to you all, Galley Peeps.  For most of us in the northern parts of the world it’s a month we all look forward to, regardless if we’ve had our last snow fall or not.  We know that gradually those dark winter days will turn into days that are longer and longer, warmer and warmer. Several birthdays to celebrate […]

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What perfect timing for this next Friends’ Faves recipe.  Here on the east coast, temps have started dropping and I have so many green tomatoes that will never ripen in their current place on the vines.  Entering onto my galley scene –  Green Tomato Loaf. If you want some point of reference the results are similar to zucchini cake….all moisty and tasty.  The perfect touch […]

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Easter dessert this year started with a feed of muffins…all lemony and gingery.  Not too sweet.  Just right. (Recipe here)   Cut into little chunks they made the base for our sweet treat.  And the great thing about this dessert was that each component could be enjoyed separately.  A little muffin with our morning coffee for example. The crème anglaise, made with Bird’s Custard Powder […]

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I’m chanelling my Irish roots today.  Some tasty Irish Whiskey Baby Back Ribs (recipe here) are crisping on the grill as I write this and some delicious Colcannon (recipe here) has been prepared ahead and kept warm while I whip up a little deliciousness for dessert But since life is uncertain, we had dessert first.  Two whole slices.  Shameful but oh so good. So richly […]

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You read that right – Sweet Potato Frosting and it was spoon-lickin’ yummy.  And just two ingredients.  Where else can you marry rich dark chocolate and a vegetable and call it healthy.  The muffins also were packed with veggies…and rich dark chocolate…and so moist! Super easy to throw together once all the ingredients were gathered.  Dry ingredients all stirred or sifted to make sure there […]

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