In the mood for some Fall baking?  I hope so, because I have a good one for you this week. This recipe was sent in by one of my Galley Kat readers who thought it just might be perfect to try out in the Omnia stove top oven.  And she was right. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if there will be too much batter to […]

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Hey there folks. It’s another busy day in my galley and I really wanted something tasty for dessert. I searched in my stash of Friend’s Faves submissions and found one from Lena for a plum tart and I just happened to have seven little purple plums at the perfect stage of ripeness. Some flour, butter, sugar, a dash of salt and a generous amount of […]

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin Things are exploding in my galley again today folks, thanks to my friend Joan for the initial idea of JOAN’S TACO BOMBS that started me on this bomb-making quest.  We now have one more lunch, dinner or appetizer type bomb to add to the repertoire with SPANAKOPITA BOMBS for a taste bud explosion.  And we have BREAKFAST BOMBS to begin the day […]

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I love all my galley gear, especially my little Omnia stove top oven.  Even though our boat is out of the water for this season, I still use it in our land galley.  And because of our recent packin-up-and-movin-out, it’s been the one appliance I haven’t packed.  Our land oven was scrubbedd clean for the future owner so it became a no cook zone before […]

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Easter dessert this year started with a feed of muffins…all lemony and gingery.  Not too sweet.  Just right. (Recipe here)   Cut into little chunks they made the base for our sweet treat.  And the great thing about this dessert was that each component could be enjoyed separately.  A little muffin with our morning coffee for example. The crème anglaise, made with Bird’s Custard Powder […]

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Oh pizza!  That perfect food! That combination of sometimes snack food, sometimes complete meal and in my galley, always reasonably healthy.  I’ve never understood why it’s called junk food by some because when you make everything yourself with fresh ingredients how could this creation be anything but the next thing to perfection ever. Firstly, let’s make the dough. Here is the link to my tried […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 27 and 28

Here’s what’s on the menu board for today… Breakfast Pumpkin Spice Smoothie minus the yogurt (click on the image below for the recipe) Lunch Apples with Sunflower Seed Butter Supper Grilled Steak  with Cocoa Coffee Rub and  Green Salad Steak of choice 2-3 tbsp cocoa coffee  rub (my recipe here)

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CAPTAIN COOKS: Apple Bacon Blue Cheese Pizzas

Grilling season is almost here Galley Peeps and here is one AAA-mazing recipe to get it all started… APPLE BACON BLUE CHEESE PIZZAS 2 apples thinly sliced 1/4 cup maple syrup 2-4 slices cooked bacon or proscuitto, loosely chopped 2/3 cups blue cheese, crumbled 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella 1/2 cup shredded provolone 2 heads roasted garlic 4 slices Naan Bread olive oil Toss apple slices […]

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I found this recipe using squash the other day and thought it looked like a healthy seasonal side dish… …it required just a few ingredients, ones that could easily be stored onboard, apples, squash, nuts and what boat doesn’t have a good supply of bacon… The original recipe required oven and stove top so in keeping my simple galley focus I turned it into a […]

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