No lengthy write-up for this post this time, Galley Peeps.  Just to say that my Mom used to make these cookies every year around Christmas time.  She made a lot of delicious sweets…at lot!  These aren’t by far the fanciest of Mom’s but I can bring back those special memories just by biting into one…all short bread and buttery with a little crunch of corn flakes and if you eat them just right…sort of circular…you can get a taste of raspberry jam….it had to be raspberry for me…with each bite.

I kept with tradition by making them for my kids, extending those memories to another generation.  Sadly I lost the original recipe and have tried for the past couple of years to re-create them but without success.  This year though I am super pleased to announce that I really do have my thimble cookies mojo back.  They look and taste just as I remember.  And in spite of what I said about it having to be raspberry jam you can use other types…blueberry…strawberry.  But for me it wouldn’t be the same without raspberry.

My three-year-old Grandson had his first the other day…and a second…and a third…dipping his chubby little finger in the tiny well of jam.  Apparently he insists that these are the best cookies to leave Santa and “no Momma, you can’t make them.  They have to be Gramma’s cookies”. There could be no better complement than that could there?

Keeping with easy boat recipes and for those with no oven and who are fans of the Omnia oven, I can confirm  that these can be made on the stove top as well.  

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