Captain Francois’ comment about tonight’s supper: “If this is vegetarian, you can make it for me anytime!”  Healthy, meatless and really easy to throw together, I made it stove-top in my Omnia Oven. A little sautéing, a splash of wine and some seasonings. The addition of some greens, then packed into a baking dish, topped with potatoes and in just a few minutes it was […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 15 and 16

What an interesting journey this is turning out to be! It’s challenging me to create meals within certain parameters all the while staving off boredom. It does take a bit of extra work and for sure planning and prepping seems to be the key. Having a willing, enthusiastic and focused partner has kept me on track. So at the half way point of our Whole […]

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If you, as with us, are at the over-consumption, all gobbled out and your bellies feeling like they may never be empty again stage of the holiday season, here’s an easy light salad packed with flavour and protein. A couple of years ago I stumbled onto an article about Teff, a tiny Ethiopian grain with an impressive nutritional profile, which led me to making some […]

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MINI (VEGAN) PUMPKIN PIES (no baking required)

Want a touch of something sweet for your next dessert? Here’s a good one for you.. No baking required, so easy to make and vegan, these little pumpkin pies were really delicious. I simply ground up some almonds, coconut shreds, added a little coconut oil and maple syrup… Pressed the mixture into my mini cheese cake pan. (a regular muffin tin would work well with […]

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Happy hour aboard R.E.D. today was pretty tasty. VEGAN RICOTTA SPREAD 1 recipe vegan ricotta (find it here) 2-3 tbsp minced sun-dried tomatoes 1tbsp basil oil sea salt freshly ground pepper to taste 1 clove garlic, smashed & minced 2-3 tbsp slivered basil leaves Mix all of the above ingredients together Serve drizzled with extra olive oil & slivered fresh basil leaves and crusty bread. […]

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Let’s make things perfectly clear, I am not (at least for the foreseeable future) not vegan. Captain and I love meat, eggs, oh and the cheese!, fish, seafood…. …most things edible with a face and a mother. …sadly the list of what we love to eat is endless, and what we don’t like? ..nothing comes to mind But… whenever I encounter a great recipe that […]

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With all the wonderful produce available in the local markets it’s difficult to choose which to bring onboard. Afterall, I can’t have it all no matter what with limited space and refrigeration This week I chose zucchini. Two large zucchini and a couple of green onions formed the base. Grating them gave me about 4 cups of zucchini. Treating it to a good sprinkling of […]

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I made this dessert the other night for a dinner party… Panna Cotta with Blood Oranges in Grand Marnier Caramel Sauce… (let me know if you would like this recipe. It isn’t vegan but it is SO good.) It is really easy to make and takes so little time. Would I go to the bother of making the caramel sauce on the boat? …possibly. Would […]

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Is this even a word? Tofu > Feta = TOFETA We aren’t vegans or even vegetarians. But I will quite often insert a tasty meal without meat or fish. And from time to time I create a winner without meat or eggs or dairy.     Veganism does intrigue me though… Life without meat or fish? – maybe… Life without eggs? – perhaps… Life without […]

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TVP or textured vegetable protein has turned out to be a very useful addition to our boat provisioning since it doesn’t require refrigeration (our little cooler space is at a premium). I don’t use it often but it is a great stand-in when a quick meal is required… and I mean quick… (see link to my vegan boat chili)   …once hydrated the TVP has […]

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