EASY SHRIMP PAELLA (pressure cooker version)

I hope you don’t feel inundated with my latest flurry of blog posts.  I’ve not been inspired to write much lately…that is until this week.  So many recipe successes have given me the push I needed during this winter down time.  While Francois uses his latest purchase to evacuate a blocked gutter, a fibreglass ladder (note the very cool orange colour) and shovels our first […]

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Desperately needing some fish.  After all the moving stuff and at times not so healthy eating I really felt like something fresh from the sea.  Afterall we’re now living just a few paces from St-Margaret’s Bay and some of the freshest harvest from the sea so tonight is the night. Some sautéed  veggies… Seasonings and coconut milk… Add the marinated fish… And you’ll be ready […]

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I have a very easy tasty Asian inspired  meal for you Galley Peeps.  Pork meatballs so full of flavour and tender cooked on a bed of greens in my Omnia stove top oven but you could easily make in a covered wok or baking dish. Don’t be thrown off by how ‘soupy’ the meat mixture is.  It came together very well once browned on each […]

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My guy likes pretty much everything I make.  He never complains about my frequent dalliance into the vegetarian, vegan world although I know he loves meaty dishes. But when I get an unsolicited comment like ‘this one’s a keeper Kathy’, I sit up and take notice. The flavours in this Mediterranean inspired dish are wonderful, the crispy fried onion the perfect complement and I think […]

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When I made pork carnitas the other day, we loved it so much that I felt I had to share the joy with my daughter.  Well, even though I said she could  make it with ‘happy pork’ (her words for free range, no hormone etc etc), she politely responded with a firm ‘no thank you’ but couldn’t I make it with happy chicken?.  So thanks […]

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Several weeks ago now, my eldest son, his beautiful wife and their darling newest addition to the family visited us. As with most of our get-togethers it was all too brief so we packed in as much quality time as possible.  Those moments, both past and present, when we are gathered together for meals, are what so many great family memories are made of and […]

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BRINED PORK CHOP with RICE (pressure cooker)

Not too many days left now before our dear R.E.D. is wrapped strapped and tarped for the winter months.  This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a few last meals onboard. Most of my galley has been emptied of cooking gear but I’ve kept my treasured pressure cook onboard for one last hurrah.  The list of ingredients for this meal was minimal: a couple of pork […]

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We were recently gifted with some tuna from our sailing/fishing friends and wanted to put together something worthy of their generosity. In my search, I landed on what looked like a winner from The Domestic Man.  Simple, very quick to prepare and cook, plus I was introduced to a new-to-me seasoning, Furikake, a combination of sesame seeds and nori seaweed.  Well, I thought to myself, […]

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Rice! Such a simple grain. But oh my, when it’s transformed into a creamy rich main attraction such a risotto that’s when it really shines. MEDITERRANEAN RISOTTO what you will need 1 cup rice 1/2 cup chopped onion 2 cloves garlic 2-3 tbsp olive oil 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 cup chopped mushrooms 2 cups chopped kale 4-6 tbsp chopped sun-dried tomatoes 4 cups chicken […]

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Risotto is one of my all time favourite dishes for so many reasons. It’s the ultimate comfort food…easy, creamy and flavourful. The base ingredients keep so well in our tiny galley…rice, garlic, onion, chicken broth and parm. Easy to throw together…gather the ingredients and 20 minutes later…pure Italian heaven! With a few additions the basic recipe can be transformed into a multitude of options. This next […]

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