IRISH ROUND-UP + bonus recipe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Happy March to you all, Galley Peeps.  For most of us in the northern parts of the world it’s a month we all look forward to, regardless if we’ve had our last snow fall or not.  We know that gradually those dark winter days will turn into days that are longer and longer, warmer and warmer. Several birthdays to celebrate […]

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I’m chanelling my Irish roots today.  Some tasty Irish Whiskey Baby Back Ribs (recipe here) are crisping on the grill as I write this and some delicious Colcannon (recipe here) has been prepared ahead and kept warm while I whip up a little deliciousness for dessert But since life is uncertain, we had dessert first.  Two whole slices.  Shameful but oh so good. So richly […]

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Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations don’t have to come with raucous pubbing and green beer.  This year we are keeping it quiet, getting our Irish on with a few friends and filling our bellies with a simple warming soup made with a splash of good Irish beer. DUBLIN CODDLE 6 servings what you will need 1 lb pork sausage, cut into 1″ pieces 3-4 slices bacon, cut […]

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CAPTAIN COOKS: Grilled Beer Marinated Ham

My man is at it again and voluntarily too. After the encouragingly huge success of his Marinated Ginger Tuna Steak (recipe link here), he asked to enter my galley arena once more. We recently enjoyed an evening with a group of boat friends at a pot luck house party. Someone’s contribution was ham cooked in beer. Divinely delicious! …which inspired Captain’s latest creation.   GRILLED […]

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How about a little Mexican Irish Fusion?… Tacos and Corned Beef?… …with a little Guinness Dipping Sauce on the side? “Pourquoi pas?!” I say with my best French accent. …an interesting way to use up some of that corned beef from yesterday’s Saint Patrick’s Day Corned Beef and Cabbage feast… Have I peeked your interest? Well just take a look at this following recipe… It […]

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He’s done it again! Tonight my Captain transformed a piece of salmon into a meal that burst with flavour at every bite… …just a few simple ingredients… …a healthy sprinkling of sea salt and pepper… …and heated grill…   …each side slathered with the sauce…   GUINNESS MAPLE GLAZED SALMON 1/2 cup Guinness 1/4 cup maple syrup 2 tbsp Bragg seasoning (or soya sauce) 1 […]

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MARCH – a good month for the IRISH

Let’s start this month off properly shall we? Here in the Great White North we are fed up with snow and ice. Weather forecasts for March are looking grim as well. So to get the March-is-for-the-Irish party started here is a little Guinness trivia for you…       1. What’s in a name? A stout by any other moniker might indeed taste as sweet. […]

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Our weather here in the Great White North, has been on a meteorological roller coaster lately. (actually, Montreal isn’t exactly so far North but it is great and white) Yesterday it was 0 ° C (32 ° F) and tonight it is supposed to dip down to -22 ° C (-7.6 ° F) Mother Nature is such a tease! Anyway, yesterday gave us some hope […]

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Sometimes all of this cold frosty and very icey weather calls for a spicy and hearty cocktail. We have beer on hand… We have a small bottle of Clamato juice… and the rest of the ingredients for this tasty drink, a lighter version of my Blood Thirsty Caesar Shrimp Shooters (recipe here), are staples in our galley…land or water-based.   MIGHTY SPICY BAERSAR 2 servings 2 […]

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…Big surprise… no Pillsbury dough was sacrificed in the process! Captain François is diving into this galley cooking with such enthusiasm! Today I was allowed in for a brief period to bake some boat bread but then I had to retreat. I was allowed to take photos but that was it. He even made our preparing-dinner-cocktails (now that would be a great future post! – […]

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