DIETARY REBOOT – Days 3 and 4

Still breathing, still kicking, still haven’t killed each other. According to the Whole 30 timeline we are about to hit the ‘Kill all things‘ phase, so I planned our meals with lots of carb-dense veggies to help offset any carbohydrate withdrawl. On Day 3 though there was a moment when I felt a serious PMS session coming on but without the P or the M. […]

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What can a can of potatoes, a few eggs and a lowly tin of tuna give you? Breakfast for two for two days, that’s what! One of our last of the last meals onboard before our R.E.D. is put to bed for the winter months. …easy to throw together… ….hearty and tasty…   EASY TUNA FRITTATA Stove top version 4 servings click here for GOOP recipe […]

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Even though we are sadly reaching the end of our Canadian boating season, I do still get excited about the wonderful Fall finds at the farmers’ market that I can bring onboard for our last few meals… …my latest acquisition – these Baby Boo Pumpkins…   …just perfect for concocting a delicious nutritious breakfast fritatta… Keeping with this blog focus, I made this dish in […]

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  It’s a blustery day in the neighbourhood of the ‘dirt people’… Horizontal snow & white-out conditions…   Good day for indoor ‘games’ and a warming pasta breakfast. Yep! that’s right…pasta…   PASTA FRITTATA   2 cups kale greens 1/4 cup shredded carrots 2 + cups leftover spaghetti with sauce (link to last night’s yummy pasta dinner) 6 eggs 1/2 cup of milk 4 oz […]

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This is another of my Omnia Oven creations: Little breakfast Frittatas or as the Captain calls them, crustless quiche.   A very easy, versatile recipe as long as you keep the milk/egg ratio intact, you can add or subtract almost anything: ham instead of sausage or leave out altogether for meatless version; add mushrooms (I love mushrooms) or other veggies; change up the type of […]

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Here’s another Omnia stove-top oven recipe… …this time a good and, as always, easy breakfast/brunch meal onboard or at home…   …because I have such limited space onboard, it makes prepping for a meal a whole lot easier if I first gather all the ingredients together in one place… …it’s important to sauté the zucchini well to reduce as much as possible the water content, […]

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