SOLDIER COOKIES (anzac biscuits)

Hi there Galley folks.  I thought you might like this great cookie recipe to add to your ‘easy stuff’ repertoire.  We have a couple of things happening this week that requires a sweet treat to have on hand…not that I need an occasion for sweet treats..haha! We’ve been invited to a friend’s place for coffee…always an occasion to bake up a little host gift….plus we’re […]

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Hello folks!  How are things in your neck of the woods?  Here on the east coast nothing much has changed as the dreaded virus is still amongst us…although in smaller numbers than in the rest of the world.  We recently celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving…still thankful for so many reasons in spite gathering restrictions. Since it was just the two of us, I dug out my […]

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PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES – only 3 ingredients!

Oh how far I’ve come from my early stove top cooking days!  My treasured Omnia stove top oven has been with us from the beginning of our boat obsession…now heading into our sixth season.  I must admit some of my first attempts were a bit rough but hey, it’s boat life…camping on the water.  We don’t need fancy. My previous effort at providing sweet treats […]

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This post is for you Elizabeth of Sail Away Girl (check out her site for lots of sail-related tips & tricks) I have no oven in our little chalet on the water so it would be unlikely that I would make these cocktail ‘cookies’ onboard… well maybe, it I get bored some day… Ha! boredom on a boat? Craziness! Anyway, a while back I posted […]

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YAY! One of my favourite foods has its own day! I have been wanting to try this recipe for a couple of reasons …no baking required… and I needed an easy gluten-free-transportable-something-sweet-for-dessert to take to our winter cabin family get-together so am subbing the wheat flour with brown rice flour. Francois subscribes to the get-the-grandkids-hopped-up-on-sugar-then-send-them-home-plan so this should fit that criteria perfectly. SO much sugar! […]

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