DIETARY REBOOT – Days 27 and 28

Here’s what’s on the menu board for today… Breakfast Pumpkin Spice Smoothie minus the yogurt (click on the image below for the recipe) Lunch Apples with Sunflower Seed Butter Supper Grilled Steak  with Cocoa Coffee Rub and  Green Salad Steak of choice 2-3 tbsp cocoa coffee  rub (my recipe here)

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Spurred on by our recent visit to R.E.D. we started working on our future plans… …AND… to help the Captain visualize these plans, I brought home from a recent trip to the US and bottle of Goslings 151 proof. (we can’t purchase it here, but thanks to our friend Pat, who helped me find the BEST PRICE EVER in New Hampshire, I secured the mixings […]

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Well, didn’t I stumble upon this next recipe the other day and thought, …’woo, coffee on the go’? …’an extra kick of energy on the run’? So I got busy this morning while consuming my second cup of coffee… …blended up all the ingredients, poured into my two little pans.   …20 minutes later. Now I’m ready for a high octane day!    COFFEE GUMMIES […]

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