My goodness this month went fast!   We’ve been so busy dividing our time amongst getting the boat ready for her spring splash, preparing for guests and tending to getting our new-to-us gardens cleaned up that it’s left little time for anything else. I did take the time though to put together a list of your favourite Galley Kat recipes for the month of May. […]

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What goes better with holiday festivities than a pretty cocktail.  Changing out the usual orange juice with cranberry juice adds that little extra something for your next brunch gathering. Adding a rim of lime tinged sugar, a few fresh cranberries and some sprigs of fresh rosemary makes such an attractive presentation. To your health! Happy New Year Galley Peeps.  May 2017 bring nothing but good […]

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the kitchen, Galley Kat used the vodka but only a smidgen. OK so I may not be hired to write for greeting cards. We’ve reached the cocooning phase of the holidays when candles are lit and the oven is fired up to the max to cook a tasty pizza. We made this terra cotta heater a couple […]

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This is a happy Happy Hour in the making.  Holiday season inspired and super easy to prepare…and I can now guarantee they are taste-tester approved. It’s fun presenting these as little individual servings….mango sauce served up in shot glassses or little port glasses. Let your guests grab a few extra shrimp on individual plates. So good!  So easy!  I’m now wishing I had made more. THAI […]

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” A lemon a day…and rum…keeps the scurvy at bay” This is a day to be aware of scurvy, the disease that afflicted many a sailor  on long voyages pre-18th century because of poor diet and Vitamin C deficiencies. So this 2nd day of May 2016, we, the good respectful sailors that we are, remember those poor souls  by adding a dose of lemon to […]

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I suppose for most of you the holiday party season is in full swing. In my land galley, we have been busy planning and preparing to receive Captain’s family en masse. Our current count 35. It has been really hard for me to break away from tiny galley, tiny living habits, even though for the next few months I have actual counter top space, a […]

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CAPTAIN COOKS: Grilled Blood Orange Whiskey Cocktails

Time to fire up that barbecue Galley Peeps.. …but a little warning should accompany this delicious recipe from the Captain… The obvious, 1. if on the water make sure you are safely at anchor for the day. The not so obvious, 2. if on the water and back at the dock, the aroma of oranges on the grill may bring forth guests for cocktails, it […]

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How about a zingy refreshing cocktail to put some spring in your Spring? I was saving these little cans of Stoli Ginger Beer for the boat, but they started calling to me from the depths of our boat cupboard and I just couldn’t ignore them any longer… GINGER LIME JALAPEÑO COCKTAIL 1 lime 1 jalapeño 2 tbsp agave syrup 16 oz (500 ml) sparkling water […]

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March 21st, 1950, a momentous day 65 years ago, the first full day of spring, Vernal Equinox, ….the beginning of my existence. Putting that in writing, it sounds SO old! Have to share a little story with you… Several years ago now, my grandson asked my then son-in-law how old he was… Answer: “29” My granson’s response: “Woo, you’re almost dead!” Moving on from that […]

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Sometimes all of this cold frosty and very icey weather calls for a spicy and hearty cocktail. We have beer on hand… We have a small bottle of Clamato juice… and the rest of the ingredients for this tasty drink, a lighter version of my Blood Thirsty Caesar Shrimp Shooters (recipe here), are staples in our galley…land or water-based.   MIGHTY SPICY BAERSAR 2 servings 2 […]

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