Just because I’m not a football fan (oh the shame!) doesn’t mean I can’t offer you something yummy to nosh on during this year’s big game. Just throw meat and all  into a big bowl, dive in with both hands (properly washed of course) and squish all of those aromatic ingredients together. Serve warm with some tzatziki for dipping and a side salad. An icy […]

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Time to add a little heat to the galley today.  Another chilly rainy day  and I have a good book to curl up with.  No time to be messing around with time consuming meals. Six chicken thighs and a handful of vegetables, some olives and lemon for a Mediterranean flair and we had a tasty meal in a little over one-half hour. Being the frugal […]

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What to do when you’re moving and want to clear out some cupboards.  You make barbecue sauce. I had one jar of unopened apricot preserves, 4 lonely garlic cloves, and 2″ length of fresh ginger and some golden corn syrup (which I never use any more but has been hanging around forever because unpasteurized honey is now my go to sweetener of choice). A few […]

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 With all that’s been going on (condo selling and spring boat stuff) we probably haven’t been eating as well as we should.  Stopping to pick up some fast food breakfast in the morning so we don’t mess up the kitchen for home showings and frozen pizza for supper (no excuse there., just didn’t feel like cooking).  Could be partly the reason for all the colds/flu/pneumonia/bronchitis, […]

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This recipe is one of those zero-stress-company’s-coming kind of dinners.  We have our condo up for sale and in the midst of making sure everything was clean and neat we also were expecting dinner guests, and on top of that we had scheduled three showings back to back just before guests were to arrive.  So I can confirm first hand that this meal was indeed […]

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When I made pork carnitas the other day, we loved it so much that I felt I had to share the joy with my daughter.  Well, even though I said she could  make it with ‘happy pork’ (her words for free range, no hormone etc etc), she politely responded with a firm ‘no thank you’ but couldn’t I make it with happy chicken?.  So thanks […]

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CHICKEN MARABELLA (pressure cooker version)

Chicken Marabella is a delicious dish. Served hot or cold it’s that perfect ‘company’s coming meal’.  So full of rich flavours but the ‘real’ recipe does take some time to put together.  You can read a little about its origins here.  I thought why not see if I could capture the same wonderful taste using a pressure cooker. Success! Imagine this much richness in just […]

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Spending as much time as we do on the boat, economy becomes a huge focus: Economy of efforts (streamlining the chores so we can be spending more time enjoying sailing) Economy of scale (keeping our enviromnment small and simple as the less we have, the less that needs our attention) Economy of resources (anyone who has spent any amount of time on a boat or […]

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I am so over the moon about this brilliant way of cooking. Thanks to Nagi my friend from afar and super-blogger of RecipeTinEats fame, I’ve found an ingenious way of saving energy and increasing my cooking options on our one-burner alcohol stove in the boat galley.  This is my third time cooking with this method and each time the chicken came out fully cooked and […]

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Since I didn’t blog as much as usual during our summer trip this year (beginning of our story here), I have a lot of recipes that I feel are still blog-worthy even though we are now back in our land galley for the next few months (insert sad face here). This next one is another ‘bits and pieces’ meal that used some leftover grilled chicken… […]

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