DIETARY REBOOT – Days 19 and 20

We made it through another Whole 30 reboot day with our visitors. That Greek yogurt on the smoked salmon and waffled potatoes was hard to resist…but we did. The slice of bread and butter served with the lunch-time soup was so tempting…but we remained steadfast. And that glass of wine served with supper… really tough…but we endured. Breakfast Mashed Winter Vegetable Waffles with Smoked Salmon […]

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DIETARY REBOOT – Days 17 and 18

Part of the ease in making this Whole30 regime work is keeping sequestered from outside challenges like dining out. Entertaining guests also adds a new dimension to our culinary journey. Old habits resurface, as when Captain François automatically reached for a slice of bread during a recent dinner party. The next few days may or may not be difficult as we welcome guests for the week. […]

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