Several weeks ago before we had to be concerned about going out, I met up with an old friend. We shopped.  We talked. We sipped and dined.  The reason I’m bringing this up is what I ordered when we dined.  A simple chicken caesar wrap.  I came home thinking about that wrap, it was that good.  The tender morsels of chicken. The crispy lettuce and […]

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A friend sent me this recipe and honestly, I can’t get enough of them, and I can’t for the life of me imagine why I would ever buy bagels again. Far too easy…and by that I mean really easy.  I clocked myself from ingredient mixing to snapping photos. Thirty minutes folks. THIRTY! And that included twenty minute oven time. My only complaint is that the recipe […]

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MUFFULETTA – sandwich of the Cajun Gods

Happy belated Mardi Gras to you my Galley Peeps.  I hadn’t planned on writing this one up for you guys because, well, it’s just a sandwich. The plan was for one more ‘bomb’ recipe (my last two JOAN’S TACO BOMBS and BREAKFAST BOMBS in case you missed them) but someone asked for the bread part of this recipe so I thought, why not?  It really was a […]

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You’ve caught me bomb making in my galley again and today is all about starting your day with a big bang.  Those Taco Bombs from last week’s post were good weren’t they?  Didn’t try them yet?  Well scoot on over there for JOAN’S TACO BOMBS,then come right back to check out these lovely little breakfast treats. I made the same yogurt/flour dough from Joan’s Taco […]

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There was something about this recipe that had my husband saying..’this is THE ONE’…and I’m not sure why. It’s not the vegan thing because my Frenchman is…well…French.. and loves anything bread-related no matter the ingredients.  I think it was the texture…smooth with a little chew and there is a new technique I’ve learned to make the pita separate in the centre, perfect for filling with […]

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EASY FLATBREAD (an update)

I’ve been making my own pita bread for a number of years now because…well…because it’s too easy not to ((link here to my old recipe: Stove Top Pita). Recently though I  ran across an even easier method.  No yeast required with very little kneading and I’m liking the results even better.  Once the dough is mixed you need only 30 minutes of rest time before […]

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The discussion we have every year around Christmas time is ‘to stuff’ or ‘not stuff’….the turkey…not our bellies.  Stuffing the bird means a wonderfully flavourful result with all those juices infused into the bread crumbs but cooking is longer to make sure you don’t kill your guests  and in my opinion, it tends to over-cook the turkey. So this year the decision has been made […]

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What, you ask? Are they biscuits or are they rolls or are they muffins?  Well in truth they have a bit of an identity crisis.  They have a texture similar to dinner rolls but they have no yeast in them….and they are made in a muffin tin.  So I named them Biscuit Muffin Rolls. One bowl, one spoon, eight little muffin cups makes for a […]

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I’ve had this hanging around in my data base for ages and I now wonder why I waited SO long to try it.  Got the recipe from another boater who blogged about something or other (I honestly can’t remember what it was about…so long ago) and in the conversation he mentioned making English muffins.  You mean in your boat oven I asked?  Stove top was […]

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YUMMY RYE BREAD (bread machine version)

Did I really miss posting last week?  So sorry Galley Peeps.  Time does fly when moving in, unpacking, and nesting takes over one’s life. We are almost settled though…at least the main living areas of our little RED by the Sea.  Boat parked outside, all nicely covered in her winter blanket, her veins flushed through with anti-freeze. I found  great recipe for you on allrecipes.com. I […]

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