I was distracted today…

I call it AAADD

(Age Affected Attention Deficit Disorder)

You know the kind of day when you start out pursuing one task,

then you pass by something that needs to be done,

then something else attracts you and you start in on that,

and by the end of the day nothing in particular gets done.

This was one of those days…

I planned on studying for an upcoming Weather exam

and maybe a blog post or two.

So I took some fish out to cook for an easy dinner.

But then time just flew by and we needed to be somewhere by late afternoon…


And then I was faced the next day with four filets needing some attention

before they walked out of the refrigerator in smelly protest.

Fish chowder or rather chowder of any sort is always easy…

(one of Galley Kat’s previous chowder recipes)

throw in a bit of this and a little of that,

season well and serve.

Made with ingredients, most of which you may already have on hand,

…and great for chilly snowy days…

…from this…
…to this
in just a few minutes…


2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp butter

1 small onion, chopped

2-3 stalks celery, chopped

2-3 carrots, chopped

sea salt and freshly ground pepper

1 – 2 cups cream

1-1/2 evaporated milk

2 cups chopped potatoes

4 fish filets, cut into small pieces (mine were sole)

Heat oil and butter in pan.

Add veggies, salt and pepper and sauté until almost done.

You could at this point deglaze with some white wine if you wish.

Add cream and milk and heat to simmer.

Add potatoes and continue to simmer until cooked through.

(being careful not to scorch the milk and cream)

At the end stir in the fish pieces.

They won’t need more than a minute or two to cook through.

If you like a thicker chowder you can smash a few of the potato pieces with the back of the ladle.

Ladle into bowls and add lots of freshly ground pepper.

Serve with some crackers, crusty bread.

…I found a small can of corn leftover from this summer’s provisioning
and added it at the end…
Sometimes AAADD is a good thing…sometimes…




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