I’ve never been very successful in cooking pork chops.
They usually turn out dry and hard,
so I thought I would try brining.
I have cooked juicy chickens with this method so why not other meats?


There is no particular formula
No precise proportions
Just start with the following:
1/4 cup sea salt
4 cups water
The rest is your choice.
This time I used sliced garlic, bay leaves & fresh thyme.
Other options might be lemon peel, ginger, peppercorns…


Let meal rest in the brine for minimum of 15 minutes
but no more that 2 hours.
Remove and your ready to grill.
I brushed each piece with some spicy Pirate’s Brew
and used my 2×2, flip, 2×2 method:
(not to be confused with the Captain’s ‘sip & flip method)
On high, grill meat 2 minutes,
turn 90 ° and grill 2 more minutes,
grill 2 minutes,
turn 90 ° & grill for a final 2 minutes.
Place on heated plate and tent with foil to let meat ‘relax’.
Serve with a fresh salad and some roasted potatoes…
Juicy pork chops.
It was good.

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