Out first of the season onboard meal

…and my first try out of the new galley stove.

While we are on shore power

it functions as a traditional stove with an element.

While underway or at anchor,

it can be used as a typical alcohol burning stove.

I brought all the necessary ingredients onboard for
a little pizza feast thinking it would be a real occasion
to create something to share with my Galley Peeps.
It’s an idea I came across from Pilsbury.
So easy it could even be re-created over a camp fire.
2 containers of the wiener wrap dough
pepperoni slices
cheese slices
sweet peppers, sliced
On the side:
pizza sauce
dijon mustard
hot sauce
special equipment:
waffle iron
Unwrap the dough and separate into scored pieces (6 per can)
Add toppings on half the dough.
Place other half of dough on top and pinch to seal the edges.
Coat your waffle iron with some pan release or Pam.
My recipe for ‘Goop’ is now a must onboard.
I paint it on and things slip away like magic
Heat the waffle iron for several minutes.
Add 1 dough pocket on each side.
Close waffle iron, cook and flip until both sides and well browned.
Cool a bit before serving with your favourite sauce.
I liked that I could fill
the little indentations with sauce.
Captain said:
‘We are having this much fun
and we aren’t even on the water yet’
…just eight days to go before launch!!!!!




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